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Station NBC news radio special report Florida's east coast is preparing for the arrival of hurricane Dorian the storm this afternoon became a major hurricane category three with top sustained winds of one hundred fifteen miles per hour it is forecast to strengthen as it moves slowly over open warm waters and right now we're supposed to slam into Florida on Tuesday Broward mayor mark Bogen says there are no evacuation orders but that could change we really want to wait and see where the storm is headed so we have a good degree of predictability some Florida gas stations are running out of fuel as residents fill their tanks in advance of hurricane Dorian's arrival governor Ron dissent is that there are some stations that run out of gas he added the state is taking action to try to ensure there's enough fuel for everyone before the storm arrives to Savvas that they've asked Georgia Alabama and Mississippi to suspend their weight limits to allow for more fuel to be delivered Florida power and light says residents should prepare to be without power for several days once hurricane Dorian makes landfall Tom Roberts NBC news radio the end of the weekend a month with a mixed session as investors moved cautiously ahead of the long holiday weekend the Dow Jones industrials rose forty one points to twenty six thousand four hundred three the nasdaq lost eleven points the S. and P. five hundred gained two the Bloomberg W. away I San Antonio index fell a third of a percent the crude oil futures fell to fifty five dollars and ten cents a barrel in New York from Bloomberg world headquarters I'm Jeff Ballenger on news radio twelve hundred W. O. A. hi are you ready to hash tag days.

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