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Moment and they told me I don't need to worry me. Someone came lice and so sweet little girls, double Dutch on the concrete. Baby sometime way so nice way more things seemed to change. They stay the same, Don't you hasn't Hey, girl. Yeah, sure. Genes. Jane just Show, son. Blue as the sky sun me booth. The boys who you gotta love that from Time so Stay there. Stay change. Don't you think it's strange? Good. Put your records on. Tell your favorite song. Sure. Baby. To dreams. Just my head. Thank yourself. The number one hit music station. See 104 wanna be tonight? Spread it with that I'm not over. I'm still thinking about things you do so I don't want to be on tonight. Down tonight around tonight. Can you buy the five on somebody who'd been taken hold? I have no exactly what I need to do, because I don't want to be alone tonight on tonight tonight. Good to maybe do somebody new. Oh, baby, baby dance strength. Good. You made me do with somebody. New Be done. Strange then strange wasn't even out tonight. But I need to get you off my mind. I know exactly. I have to do. I don't wanna be alone tonight. I want tonight alone tonight. What Your name is Somebody. Oh, baby baby is a stranger for Gore Children and it goes. Oh, somebody new. Oh, baby baby, then with strangers. Then two. Strange so strange look much maybe. Oh, somebody Oh, baby, baby.

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