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Season four games on playing philly then the bosox harpreet less than two twenty murphy's been back thirteen games he's only played four innings at second base trying to say you think they're gonna fall they will not win the division is that what you're saying they will not when they division plaza there's salary shenanigans finally hit them next year look it up next year straus berg zimmerman ninety eight million dollars well that's greg and it's a good call that's because they wanted a backload all these contracts and they tried to sign cesspit as they did the same thing they still though have good young talent trade turner is going to be a remedy soto wants soda at nineteen years old anthony ren so even if they lose bryce harper and max scherzer is not slowing down by now strasberg's always hurt he's been on the way while but i don't think they're just going to fade away as far as this season's concern here's why i still think they're gonna win the division i still buy them excel i do because i'm not sure how good the braves and the phillies really are now on him three and a half three and a half games they've lost a couple of games in a row to the reds the surge ever since riggleman took over they really have played pretty good see when you're bad team you don't just wilt away right out of the cincinnati reds the hottest team the national league star nine out of ten they play baseball but i just don't buy the braves running away and hiding julio terada is way up and down fulton average has been great but he was just on the dl closer is hurt now with this guy no they don't let the mexican that's a major key i'm not even joking recently that the phillies games against the mets the braves don't big edge for the phillies so i don't know what the number is going to be but i'm not counting the nets out yet tad and waterbury tat our you have the perfect solution yes artie as manager general manager kills two birds with weinstein be competition for the manager like with cincinnati and others might make the mets job more appealing and i don't know if there's ever been i know there's been player manager but has there ever been times you get sick you can't you can't do that it's too much man i mean you're going to have this guy you know he's gonna pick the players and then manage as well and in do contracts and on the you can't do you hard if you want joe girardi manager he's not a gm he's a man agreed and if you want him to manage in your phrase is going to go somewhere else here's a novel idea paying the most money okay that's all that's all pay him the most money home manage here it's as simple as that john hayman coming up at twelve o'clock hour beningo and roberts here in the mid general contractors listen up.

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