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Two thousand twenty Democrats in early voting states this weekend, both of them responding to the scandals plaguing Democrats in Virginia many of them calling for Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax to resign. Fairfax says he isn't going anywhere at least not yet. Let's discuss with our experts here, and you were the former attorney general for the Commonwealth of Virginia. What's going on in your state, top three officials all Democrats under fire? Well in all within a week all of these things exploding and literally almost two day increments. Starting with the governor, of course, with his black face pictures. Was what took this national? It isn't what it started it in Virginia. And then Justin Fairfax only two days later with the first sexual assault allegation. And you saw two twenty twenty democrat contenders their reference the second alligators. But when the first one came out, he immediately came out and was shooting at the accuser rhetorically speaking, of course, in the Washington and using the Washington Post as a shield, and they immediately called him out on that. So he is really violated rule number one when you're in a hole, stop digging. And now he's saying I'm not going anywhere. But tomorrow, I expect Democrats to submit a resolution of impeachment in Virginia. And that will begin a process that has not been used in Virginia in our lifetimes. Are you worried at all congresswoman about the effect? This is having on the twenty twenty candidates on the Democratic Party. On anything having to do with with the agenda that you want to put forward. Well, we need Virginians to have somebody who could lead in that position. And that's my concern. Mike, and there are three other three people under fire. The governor the Lieutenant governor governor general, you're referencing governor. And what we do need people in Virginia who can lead. We don't want to be distracted. Look Democrats want to talk about our agenda as you mentioned you wanna talk about lowering prescription drug prices when we talk about healthcare and access to care when you talk about climate change. So we would like to talk about those issues, and certainly make sure we avert a government shutdown. Are you at all concerned Senator Turner about the image of impeachment proceedings against an African American Lieutenant governor while the attorney general and the governor who have both admitted dressing up in black face escape, any consequences. Very concerned. Jake, I was gonna say I hope that the legislature starts impeachment for all three of these folks. You know, what a hell of a way to start off black history month, totally law. Right. I'm black three sixty five. But let's just say like history month is in February. We started off with this. We're four hundred years from sixteen nineteen to twenty one thousand nine the first twenty Africans. Brought from Angola they didn't sign up and jump on the boat or ship themselves. Brought over to this country to Jamestown Virginia S lays. My message to nine black people. Don't wear a black face look at the rainbow mosaic of the black faces in this country. That is the only black basis you should be talking about. We'll take you hit the nail on head the hell Packers in terms of biz governor thinking he even weighed in on whether or not Lieutenant governor Fairfax should go. They all three of them need to go. And it is not a distraction to talk about racism in this country because it is in the DNA of this country is the first thing that this country was founded on racism and bigotry, and we just gotta understand so con congresswoman. The attorney general himself called for the governor to resign. When the governor's black-faced pictures came out knowing. Which tells you he thought he was going to get away. Eric, it is I agree and four days later, he's admitting it himself, and he's still an arrogant collect. There is no daylight on this issue with anyone that we've actually seen that. I've said these people have to go I've always presumed. I continue will I will continuously say this you are innocent until proven guilty. But can you govern can you actually lead the date and start talking about policy issues? Now, remember the first time that we were talking about this governor was on the policy of the abortion issue. The third trimester abortion issue we've gotten away from even talking about that. And we're going into his contempt were life is contempt more people of color, and then now we're gone into the Lieutenant governor this is just a which is actually a criminal accusation. So they really got to just wipe everything clean start all over. So that we can we can govern. Can I just want to? What the congresswoman saying this is not just about people Cutler, I'm gonna folks understands this is anti blackness. So let's make this clear. This is anti blackness black face in the mid to late nineteenth century eighteen hundreds was about mocking black people are humanity. Our beauty our culture what we mean to this country. So this ain't a conversation about people of color. This is a conversation about anti black racism white supremacy in the United States of America. So governor up north came out of hiding and gave an interview to the Washington Post saying that he wants to focus on racial inequality during the rest of the time as governor. Here's what he said, quote, their ongoing inequities to access to things like education, healthcare mortgages capital. Entrepreneurship I want to heal that pain, and I wanna make sure that Aldridge Indians have equal opportunity. And I think I'm the person that can do that for Virginia little too late. No credibility. And I actually I'm fended by that. It's almost like let me let me fix what's going on here. So I, you know, let me go and focus on something else. So that people can stop focusing on the things that I did when I was twenty five and he wants to have his repentance as the governor of Virginia. Look you resign, and you go get your own repentance, and you let us continue on in Virginia with actual governance by people who legitimately ought to be in the off. Let me ask you a question congresswoman as elected democrat at the table. If all three of them resign. Then I believe the Republican speaker of the house of delegates becomes governor? You don't want that now? But we need to think about doing what's right, and what's right for Ganz. And what's right overall? I mean look at the race issue in today's day and age with the president at the helm who has been one of the most divisive presidents, and frankly racist himself is a conversation. We do need to have. But looking at the line of order and say, no, we're not going to do that. Because of the consequences is not the right way to do this. And so for me, I would I do think we need to have this conversation, and we should continue to have this conversation. But it has to be fun and Senator, and we can't forget about the person who is inviting us, and who himself is injecting this in to the country to live up again and coming out again. And we haven't seen it be this bad in recent time till the president has really made this race issue. Whether it's about African Americans, certainly. He's doing it all over the board with immigrants, but we need to have this conversation. I cannot. I just can't. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty four nine thousand nine hundred eighty don't she just a few days ago. This is not about President Donald Trump. About racism in the United States of America, congresswoman, I hear you. But on this. We not blaming President Trump. He hasn't has. Let me let me just say this. He is using. I am not going to let continue to let politicians use. This man is the excuse to deal with racism in this country. It's been going on for far too long in the United States of America. We need a real truth Reconsiliation. Yes. President Donald Trump is a racist. There's no doubt about it. But as we have seen Democrats, delve and racism, as well, we gotta stop making this about who's a Republican who's a democrat. I want to know who's a humanitarian I wanna know who's gonna stand up the people's lives starting with black lives because when you take care of black labs. Everybody life is taking care of everyone's life is taking care of. So no more about this. These three men it had nothing to do with President Trump. What Lieutenant governor? Fairfax is going through. Don't have nothing to do with President Trump north. I'm wearing black face. Don't have nothing to do with Donald Trump Harrington black face has nothing to do with Donald Trump. What is it about raise lines room in the DNA of this country, and I am traumatized Jake, and we are. Sick of it. Stop playing said, it's exactly right. It's about personal responsibility for your own actions. And the things that you've done when he was twenty five years old. Wasn't. He couldn't blink Donald Trump for his twenty five years old. I mean, you can't you. Ability for the things that you do. And I think that that's the problem with the Virginia. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. That was me. I'm sorry about the picture, then it was like, well, I don't really remember and his wife is keeping him from actually moonwalking. I mean, this is the person that's what were the appropriate levels. Army cannot he can't govern. So it's absolutely time for him to go and wipe the slate clean. And I appreciate by the way. The Representative saying that this has nothing to do with what you know, who's next in line and the risk of Republicans actually taking office this has to do with right and wrong in this. And this these are clear will wrong. I appreciate those comments as well. But I'm not speaking to you. But they're new on the democrat side. Ralph Northam got universal calls resignation. When this became the whole democrat power structure. It got really quiet while there having been hearing until the second sexual assault allegations. Right. Then it broke it loose again. But if you look at that time line, it got very quiet, and it was we might be more accepting of racism or rate than we are Republicans. It started to look like that ain't telling the truth on that Jake. I mean, I hate that. Fairfax has to go to, but when Northam was running at twenty seventeen you recall because of a labor union, he wouldn't put Fairfax. Thanks for being here. 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