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For companies and executives who violate their workers' rights is that a Is that a pretty good assessment event? That's a great assessment of it. That's that's exactly what it should be. What will happen zooming out to the bigger picture as far as their workers comp cases, obviously during during Covid, and with the lockdowns and all of that, What are the typical kinds of cases you're seeing nowadays? Well, we've we've We've actually handled covid cases in their office and and what we're seeing. We're seeing a firm out of these cases now becoming the long haulers people that have residual effects on Couple of doctors have indicated that people have been on respirators. Um they may now have identified with certain types of scans and and testing that that there's lesions in their lungs. And basically scar tissue And this will make you more susceptible to things like tuberculosis. And, uh, and other types of you know, uh, Pneumonia, other types of lung diseases, too. And as far as restaurant workers again, anecdotally, we're hearing that people. They're dealing with the public, um, getting exposed to this delta variants and all of that, whether they've been vaccinated or not, People seem to be getting it. Are you handling cases like that? Yes, we do have a number of those cases, too. And where does what would workers come do in a situation like that? Well, you know, it depends what the residual effect is of it. You know, a person suffers an injury, whether it be a lifting injury or or a internal entry like the Covid. But it's this classifications of a temporary disability versus a permanent disability if they don't have residual effects of it. Then the case doesn't have any long term value other than probably awarding the medical care. We've had some cases where, where it was only a 45% disability at the end at the end of the case, because the president made a A pretty good medical recovery. But we left the medical open because that's one of the advantages that a worker can have is is having a medical left open unless the insurance company is willing to pay additional dollars to close the future Medical And, um and we have seen these people have medical open. They go back to treatment at times, and next thing you know, it's two or three years later, the insurance companies are calling us and and offering substantial dollars to close the future medical because they see they're using it. Shannon. Thank you very much for taking her call on this important story will continue to stay in touch with you and followed the latest developments on this prominent workers. Comp attorney Barry Hinden, founding attorney and senior partner at hinted in Brazil of ski here in Los Angeles. Thank you very much for joining us Live here on the attack on money on 7 90 KBC. My.

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