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All doesn't awesome sir. I've noticed that one of the things when you introduced characters a lot of times you do describe a lot of what they're wearing where do you get the inspiration for those outfits then? I don't think about close. But what I've learned is that I do I can't design clothes I can't. So but I I can look at things together I I can design clothing. And I didn't know the everybody could do this until. So many people asked I. Know I. DO I get inspiration from different things and Oh, my goodness like the the I have to say that that instagram is wonderful for visuals. You can go through and see things. But also by the time I found instagram to the degree I have. Now I don't even dressing him for years. So I really wasn't in fact I begin to go their dressing election Claude not the other way. I think part of his inspiration came from. Some of the early. Early Hammer Vampire films not the Chris. Really ones but like a One that I saw I was saddened inverse time. His creature feature late, our and my uncle fell asleep staying with those kids. So you know you get to watch anything new adults was awake. And I did not seat again until I was in my twenties I didn't realize that the lead vampire has the long flow blood flowing white shirt and he's got long curly black hair and I went. Oh, Jeez only. He was there in your early childhood memory just of waiting here apparently so that that movie. Back by subconscious and just waited. and. You never know you never know is a child. What's going to stay with you and what's not? And I've learned from my own childhood and now is a is never know what's going to make a lasting impression. Who Know that one viewing of one movie when I was seven point who of all this year slavery go here I am yeah. Exactly. But I didn't know that until after right and I saw the movie later and I just went. How so that's we used to seed of physical I love that you referenced Hammer Horror I'll I love love me some hammer horror fantastic only to absolutely I actually I. loved it with that actually brings me to question. I've been kind of dying to know for a long time. Now, what is your favorite character to write other than a Anita if she is your absolute favorite? Well she's easiest her her voice in after writing her so long it's like it's just instantaneous I can like. Go right into her revolt favorite character right It's really going to depend on the day. Edward is one of my favorites too right because he's dysfunction. Cool. Cooler he's cooler than now I'm sorry. He just he just comes in in Stop I love the repartee between and John is is strangely not where my favorite right because he he is so far from my voice that sometimes it's hard and that's one of the reasons I will get into close. Feel Soak feel waste will help me in a channel. On, better acre Jason Jason favorite character, right? He's just fun. Paper. So. There's so many I mean I I really enjoying really enjoy the large cast though sometimes it's burdensome as a writer has everybody's in my head going I wanNA turn I wanNA paper and I'm I'm starting to feel like a conductor going note that car. have. I have to say that there is a couple of in the middle. I tried to get everybody way tried to give everybody in stage in. It's just it's just too much. You can't do justice to them. So my new role is that you can be on stage, but if if you can't stay in a meaningful way, you just have to wait I'm sorry I can't everybody on stage and do them justice his. There's so many great characters and I want to explore them on. But I'm hoping to do more short novels like I did Mike Adjacent but I, I'm hoping to do more short novels were some of the characters that are not getting either as much time on stage or they're not getting all their stories told can have side books so that I can explore them without having is much. Pressure. Of the main plot of a book machine at me I like that that sounds really cool. I'd be down for more at those. So several of your characters are sociopaths and some of your fans like the one sitting across from me seem to love and be fascinated by them. Why do you think that is and what makes them so compelling to right? I. Think one of the things that. One of the reason I started writing Sydney sociopaths is one it interested me? The other thing is that I truly believe there are a lot more socio has out there than than we think because a lot of people that are sociopath actually don't know they are because what sociopaths are really really good at these high functioning says he pads that. Blend in. Is that they think everybody else doesn't feel empathy either they don't know that it's a thing. So they entertain everybody socially and they can be brilliant imitate socially because they're just entertain the outward manifestation of about all the depth of it. They are some of the best akers because they have to be because they don't feel the emotions that go with what they're doing. So I, I honestly, more research done more. I. Think that there are a lot of people out there. That actually are well behaved not because they will empathy but because the role socialize but that doesn't make them not sociopaths they just this is just Palais are. I was. I was really lucky enough to meet someone was about to be able to talk. At late and it was very interesting to me because this person was the first person to give you a Kleenex. If you're crying candy if your mouth is dry, they were very generous. You would never no never known but their mother's brother resolve this issue. She grown up with, and so she sought an early age is able to explain your different most people and this is why how you hide it. How Yeah Yeah it was it was fascinating to me absolutely fascinating and so fascinating that I knew I put onstage I knew ahead to, and then I also meet other people that. You know with Anita and Edward worry about the sociopaths help are are they but they're to touch their more. First and then there were made if you around of violence, it's not that you really become assistant that's not really not really the race but to my knowledge, there is no phrase for someone that is trained up in sent out to round enough violence where they have to fight for life in they are doing the balance of rules. It's okay to go kill.

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