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Though that one of one or both of you might have made the pugnaciousness of of of cuomo and and we've seen this and i don't wanna bring everything in the world back that trump but you can look back to two twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. There's a hundred occasions in which a normal candidate five years before that would have dropped out of the race and any number of times during his time in the white house the the reelection or or whatever you know obviously the very infamous tape at the end of the the two thousand sixteen race. But i do think you've seen whether you know a governor north from in In virginia after After the black face a from his his college yearbook or cuomo now. I mean politicians. Now dig in and figure out they can they can potentially survive by not going anywhere in a world in which i think five years ago or ten years ago. I mean eliot spitzer didn't fight it writing others have others not even in new york. Something comes up. And they're out of there and i just think there's something that's a great point. I think that the playbook has changed around the orleans. A really good example. Yeah now the difference was that northam had thirty years of record yet that he could point to end. The black community stood by him right in that particular instance so it gave him the ability to survive. He altered his. Lieutenant governor had issues all the people in the succession trail had issues. But your point by gives you you. You're making points. Yes i think andrew cuomo he is not going to be shamed out of the governor's office and if he has a chance to survive he will fight to survive. But this comes after. You already said you thought that they would throw him out. Oh i definitely think they're gonna throw him out. I'm not suggesting that. I it is two separate points. Do i think andrew cuomo is going to fight until the very end do. I think you'll be clawing the you know the door while they turn the lights out on absolutely i think he's he's he's not he's not going to go easily and again i think. That's that trump playbook You know dear to the northern point. I mean in the past. People wouldn't have gotten to the point where the black community could have supported if they would have just left before anybody asked whether they supported them. But i do think i i. I don't think given the gravity the depth of this report. I don't think that he i don't think he can survive regardless of his degree and fighting a just when the attorney general says you violated state and federal. I think it's really hard to be governor. When you're dealing with the criminal justice system is is potentially a defendant. The other thing is he's got other investigations going on some related to his handling of the The cove our out. So you know. He's got what my grandfather would call cirrus in yiddish. Lots of trouble. Lots and lots of trouble. Here's some trouble not good trouble. No this.

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