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Live from NPR news. In Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. Steps are reported to be underway to move the country closer to settling a wave of lawsuits stemming from the deadly opioid epidemic. North country public radio. Brian man reports attorneys in Ohio, or filing a motion in federal court this hour that they say should lead to billions of dollars in future payouts to more than twenty five thousand communities what we're starting to see here is really the architecture for how tens of billions of dollars in payouts would be handled if settlements are reached with big pharma sources tell NPR that at least some of the drug companies accused of wrongdoing are close to agreeing to pay outs. They want an end to the liability, and the terrible publicity tied to this epidemic, which is killed hundreds of thousands of Americans this plan unveiled today, still needs approval by the federal court in Ohio. President Trump is digging in with the allegation that Iran was behind this week's attacks onto oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, claim the Islamic Republic strongly. Denies other countries are so far stopping short of publicly assigning blame Germany says there needs to be an investigation. The president is standing by his adviser, Kellyanne Conway, after a government watchdog concluded she violated federal law by making political statements while serving in an official capacity, but Trump's not swayed. I'm not gonna fire I think she's a terrific person. She's a tremendous spokesperson Trump speaking to FOX and friends this morning. The Dow is down thirty seven points. You're listening to NPR news from KCRW I'm Cheri Glazer with this local news update. A federal appeals court has ruled that a Mexican man who was arrested during a raid at van is manufacturing plant should not be deported, as KCRW, Daryl Sassaman reports the decision is rebuke to immigration authorities, and it may influence how they target factories and other workplaces in the future Gregorio Perez was one of one hundred and thirty workers arrested when immigration and customs enforcement agents stormed, Microsoft. Solutions enterprises. A maker of printer cartridges this was back in two thousand eight Perez, who had entered the country illegally from Mexico disclosed immigration status during questioning, and he was targeted for deportation. But the American Civil Liberties union took up his case arguing that the search warrant of pained by ice only authorized, the seizure of documents, not people, a panel of ninth circuit court judges in San Diego. Agreed that Peres shouldn't be deported because his arrest was outside the parameters of the warrant legal experts say, the decision could force ice to more fully disclosed its plans in search warrants at work sites. Neither the Justice department Nora ice has commented on the ruling. Meanwhile about three hundred migrants who identify as transgender have been booked into custody by US immigration authorities over the last nine months, that's a highest number since the feds began keeping track for years ago, US immigration and customs enforcement says it's considering opening a second permanent facility where transge. Gender migrants can be detained. The agency has been criticized for the deaths of two transgender women. Shipments of cargo containers into and out of the ports of L A, Long Beach took a sharp drop last month, as KCRW Eric Roy reports some experts say it's part of the ongoing fall out of the trade war between the US and China for much of the last year during the early days of the Trump administration tariffs in Chinese counter tariffs. The movement of goods through America's largest port complex, actually spite as US retailers and their Asian suppliers race to beat even higher tariffs that were on the way. Well, those twenty five percent US tariffs on Chinese products went into effect last month. And Wall Street Journal reports that the number of cargo containers coming into the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach from abroad fell by more than six percent in may exports more than seven percent. The slowdown comes at a time of year when ocean shippers are usually gearing up for the peak shipping season. The head of the port of Long Beach says, warehouses are brimming with inventory, and carriers or managing their vessels to deal with reduced demand..

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