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Have been brutal for two games. It's not super fantasy friendly though because it's not very explosive. It's a lot of running a short path. that's the only thing but yes it is offense. They're they're they're. They're the equivalent of my my haircut when the best they can with what little they have to work. While i would love to see i mean i love it for lions. Fan says won't happen for a long time it or maybe it'll happen just in detroit two j. hopkinson in a friendlier fantasy offense would put up. Wild numbers like massive numbers. Absolutely incredible have different offense. He has a very player last thing early quickly matthew quinta. Cfs buyer cell. He had four catches last night. Sixty three yards and a touchdown back to back games with the score. But you really investing something into quincy his. I think he should make your way for our column. Did he really. He did not know seven targets in two straight games. It's a team that's gonna throw right. We agree on that. We're going to throw and we talked about the fact that none of these wide receivers have really emerged. Feels like he sort of had. Now when tyra williams comes back does he continue to get that but listen you like in a put it. This way. he'll be picked up in the war room league this week this week. Maybe maybe he's the number one at the moment. He's the number one wide receiver on offense. He scored back to back weeks. I think he's talented joke. We joked about this in the preseason right but there was a there was a can't. There's a training camp photo. Got a lot of buzz. Went viral on social media which was very much like the odell beckham catch basically a a high in the air. One handed kind of impossible. I don't know. I don't want you yourself you you don't need to. You need to reenact it. You do it right. You reenact it exactly like that exactly. Yeah i was worried about your old man. I appreciate that anyway. My point is but the athletic skill it takes to make a catch like that tells you something. Yeah i know. I know but i'm talking myself into a little bit okay. That's fine. I'm gonna give it with more week before i buy into it. One more saying for he's not somebody that i would pick up ten team leagues not when somebody like. Emmanuel sanders is out there in eighty percent of leagues. Like right there that are better options out there in a standard ten or twelve team league. But if you're in a deeper league for he'll be a popular pin scott fishbowl. This week resembled a deeper league. I'm just saying touchdowns in back to back week. Seven targets and back to back weeks. I do not i do. I do think that he has some legit talent. And i do think this is an offense. It's going to need to throw a lot more often than they want to evaluate this for one more week before potentially having among on the week four waiver wire column and with that we wrap up monday night football and we turn to stay following the real star of the as we begin our injury. Updates and finding a teams don't have to label a player as questionable doubtful or good to go until friday yet. Jon gruden did us all a favor and got way ahead of the curve on a couple of his offensive stars. Yeah he's already talking about Josh jacobs as very questionable. Josh jacobs obviously miss this game because of toe and ankle injuries and i thought the way he leaned on the very questionable makes it sound like josh jacobs could be absent this week. Derek carr questionable on the side of the leaning towards he will play if you saw derek carr went down briefly because of his ankle. The team that very nervous he was able to walk off..

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