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Like, I've recognized the problem, and I still can't fix it way. Will wait. It's not every single time and concern. Yeah. It's very often. And I really don't like there's a reason it's been this long been brought it up. It's it's concerning to me. Give me like how many times you've done this is it like to or is it like five or it's like twenty. Oh, it's over that. It's like fifty sixty. It'd be going for months. Your wife is you're on your phone, right? You're taking the piss on. You're lost in a tweet or something like that. And just let you little P hanging. That was an interesting article myong-chol uncle me about over Christmas. He's just like using a hundred thought we. Yeah. I know. But what? Which reason why would you know? Yeah. And he was telling me he was reading an article about how. Short term memory and gone and the and the phone generation. And he said, it's it it was basically an article written about you. Which is he's fucked. He's he's so screwed because everyone's the multitasking. Okay. I'm watching TV I'm doing this. But then if you if you ask that person, two hours later, would you just do I have no idea? They don't remember. They did doing their phone number. What they're watching on TV zip to fucking care is taking a pest on Twitter to fly. It's like it was a concerning. He was kind of concerns like you'll you should work. I came into the office today trend said, so what do you do without Twitter? And it's weird. It's like, I just instinctually opened up my phone, and I'm like, why can't do it? Can't do it like clothes back down because you can still scroll it and look at ship when you can't like throw punch back because that's what I gotta do these days. I'm like, what's the fucking point? So I just like sit there you can still scroll. I couldn't even though. I don't think. Oh, maybe I couldn't. I forget. Yeah. Yeah. No. Well, listen. So what I don't think. So what I think I think I think we're like football players in the eighties right now. We're like so white. But that's what I mean. Like, oh, they had a fucking. Good in their chest. I don't wanna do that. Yes. You know? I really di-. I always say that I don't wanna like ideal. That's another thing with social media where it's just like that's what I said. My this is my New Year's resolution is to get healthy like mentally. Yeah. Social means. So fuck for that for everything just like like, not not just your your your memory and things like that. But also, just like your your general mental health because I do think it's so useful. How it's become a lifeline of sorts of people where people who had mental illness used to think that they are so unique and rare and are all like, we all got..

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