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Did you get that break up? Trenton? Did you say an expert is that Xbox and I hear that right, Kryten? Yeah. Xbox Center X Box, another popular request this year, you know, and that's something said always asks, You know about these gaming systems. What do your parents think about all the gaming systems threaten? Not Not really again, You know, they talk about screen time and and making sure that you know you're you have got good listening years on, and you're doing well in school. It's a balance right with the gaming systems and making sure that you're keeping up with your studies and and and your room and cleaning that up, right? Mm hmm. Yeah. Thank you, Trenton. There you go. There's seven year old Trenton from German town. Let's go to Fox Point. This is seven year old Ian Ian Hyeon. You're on with Santa Claus. Hi. Hi. He and how are you? Said, Yeah. Yep. So you do You have any questions for Santa Um, one at our house. We don't have a fireplace. So how do you get down the chimneys? Oh, what a wonderful question. You know, Santa doesn't necessarily need a fighter place because you're right. There are some that Don't have fireplaces. So at that point would Santa does is all he has to do with touch his little nose and twinkling around and he magically appears. Rum. Chimney through the walls, and I'm inside. Again. It's magic. Here.

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