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Everybody rob now. We're here to kick off tussles q earnings week. We'll be doing my earnings up tomorrow. Probably live i'm still waiting on the company compiled estimate so i want to have that as a benchmark for us to compare it to you and we've also got plenty of other news to catch up on today so we'll do that and then keep an eye out for the earnings episode. Probably live tomorrow afternoon for today. We'll talk a little bit about the stock. We have quite a bit of news. Also relevant tesla from the us government an updated price target a couple of interesting tweets from ilan. We also have some news on tesla and samsung updated words from sandia monroe on twenty twenty one model threes and a couple other product. Things to look at. So i guess i had a lot to go through. We'll start off here with the stock dessel today. Hit both a new all time high and new all-time high close just barely there at the end. Finishing at eight hundred eighty dollars eighty cents up four percent at compared to the nasdaq up. Zero point six nine percent. We'll keep the extra significant digits this time but as far as all time high at did cross briefly today the nine hundred dollars per share mark which pre split what have been forty five hundred dollars per share much of the attention around tesla's stock over the weekend and for today was focused on nancy pelosi speaker of the house disclosing that she had acquired a half million to one million dollar position. In tesla call options back in december. Technically it wasn't actually nancy pelosi but rather her husband as we can see by the s p indicator for spouse under owner on the disclosure. Paperwork obviously doesn't make too much of a difference but her husband does run a venture capital slash real state slash consulting firm. So it's a little bit less unusual anyway. The trade was for twenty five contracts. Five hundred strike for march of two thousand twenty two that grants the right for the policies to by twenty five hundred shares of tesla for five hundred dollars per share up through march of twenty twenty two and they would pay some premium for that option. Tesla stock is up about thirty seven percent since they would have acquired these contracts and at the midpoint been asked today these would trade at about forty five thousand six hundred dollars per contract so a little over a one point one million dollar position today so certainly they'd be up on the trade if they do still have the position and you find it a little bit odd. That members of congress are households of members of congress can trade stock options. But i suppose that is a separate conversation anyway. The market could react to this as being this as positive in terms of possible legislation of course with the biden administration coming in that's already theme on people's minds but that theme gets more attention with news like this. Speaking of the biden administration. Reuters has reported that a memo seen by reuters on thursday showed biden will unveil a second round of executive orders as soon as january twenty seventh that include an omnibus order to combat climate change domestically and elevate the issue as a national security priority and quote so as soon as january twenty seventh ends up being the date that of course also the date of tesla's coroner's report biden today also announced that the united states intends to move in the direction of electric vehicles for the us government vehicle fleet saying quote. The federal government also owns an enormous fleet vehicles which were going to replace with clean. Electric vehicles made right here. In america by american workers and quote of course the implementation and execution of this remains to be seen. The federal government operates right around six hundred and forty five thousand vehicles and actually have quite a bit of data about this available online. There's a dashboard available. That breaks fleet down by by department looks at fuel costs. Total cost miles driven a lot of data there and of that six hundred and forty five thousand vehicle fleet about two thirds of that is trucks primarily light and medium duty across the entire fleet. It looks like this ben about two billion dollars per year on a combination of maintenance and fuel so definitely some of the for savings thereby introducing electric vehicles. What i'm having trouble figuring out is the budget for new vehicles. I'm not sure how that makes. Its way into their cost breakdowns. Here and i think we need to have a better understanding of that to understand tesla's pacific opportunity in the segment. But regardless i think we can all agree how awesome it would be to see some cyber trucks at least represented in some way in the us government fleet the total opportunity though is probably better for other automakers than it is for tesla i think tussles probably less likely to negotiate a contract with the us government and being that tesla has a premium brand image. I think it would be a more difficult sell for the us to buy a bunch of tussle vehicles versus buying something like a bunch of ford vehicles for example and also expect degree of unionization to play a role in those decisions. Are last quick thing here to wrap up on the stock. We did see a price. Target increased today from baird have increased their tussle price target from four hundred eighty dollars per share now to seven hundred twenty eight dollars per share and it looks like they have maintained outperform rating on the stock. Even though they did have that price target that was about half of the share price today and the seven hundred twenty eight dollar new price target is still you know. Fifteen percent below where we're at the revised price target was as a result of bear to boosting their earnings per share forecast for the next three years for twenty twenty one in terms of vehicle deliveries there now expecting eight hundred and fifty six thousand for twenty twenty to about one point two million and twenty three just under one point six million baird titled this note as a cue for preview and then put dot dot dot and one more thing that one more thing referred to some points that they were making on a sort of company x. holding company for tesla spacex neuralink and at the born company. Of course we've talked about this a lot so nothing really new here but it was interesting to see show up in an analyst note and they did say that quote several data points leave us believing such a structure is inevitable and quote. So it'll be interesting to see how that story line develops this year. Quick note on space x while we're talking about it. They did successfully complete their mission over the weekend and as far as starship esa nine still no test flight there but it looks like it may happen early tomorrow next to you. Let's move over to launch twitter. A couple of interesting tweets over the last few days. So the first year is on autopilot ee. Lan reply to nfs video from homer's catalogue said that quote tesla is steadily moving all networks to eight cameras around video. This won't able superhuman self-driving and quote

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