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Trunks. Dr. I power Puget Sound homes and cars. Launch boats rocked writers felt delays. Seattle ferry. Slaughters surge over the bow. From the waterways to the roads. The win showed its power grandmother who lives in Snohomish still in shock the wind knocked down a huge tree under her house while she was still inside. It was really loud. Slyke all my God. What happened now also took Carol Stoltze as brand new car? Carol says she was told her house is still safe to inhabit. She hasn't sheri- in some amazing neighbors who've offered to help her clean up and the Olympic peninsula was one of the first places to get sucked by the wind. They're still clearing. Trees that fell across state route one A one between port Angeles and lake crushing. There were widespread. Power outages across klom county, and it caused problems with the water supply. The quality PD is asking customers now to conserve water until they can get the systems back to normal to quite a beating in the south sound we heard as well Lewis county multiple came down on Jackson highway near Napa vine and storms. Reminder of what many of us remember back in mid December of two thousand six that's when wind gusts reached seventy miles per hour in many areas of the sound fourteen people died in that storm, many of them from falling trees and power lines. More than a million people lost power in that storm in two thousand six one of our listeners on Facebook, even said. They didn't have power for ten days. Then Governor Chris Gregoire declared a state of emergency in seventeen counties. A federal judge in Texas has ruled President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, but that law remain place while the ruling is appealed the Washington health exchange tells us it is still critical for people to sign up for coverage to avoid putting themselves and their families at risk by the way to deadline to do that midnight tonight. You can look at the options and sign up at war health plan, finder dot org. Breaking news from overnight a deadly shooting. An Edmonds police investigating what happened late last night at the Edmund senior center one person found dead at the scene. Police chased a vehicle that was leaving the area they stopped it on Edmunds way. Three people then arrested. It's not known if they're the three involved in that shooting. And it looks like a constant noise. From cars in the five twenty bridge will continue for at least another year, the Medina committee of the whole meeting yesterday to talk about the expansion. The problem is that noisy. Well, they reviewed a two year study by the U dub verifying. There is a problem and determined to do another one year study to come up with a solution the fix could be to add a sponge type material do the expansion. Joints to soften the blow. The tires slap across that bridge. Meanwhile, another year of listening to it. Komo news time eight ten latest. We have for you from the highly exterior sports desk. We got NFL action today for Saturday Houston at New York Jets Cleveland at Denver. Meanwhile, she hawks tomorrow once again against the forty Niners, and they're all French Sherman. Pete Carroll talks about the team banged up right now from the season at they have to prepare a way to protect the body. So to continue on wear and tear for some guys internet for everybody. But some, you know, just. Play so hard for so.

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