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The needs of the publicado system it was request of mayor de Blasio we've been working great with Amanda Blasio getting a lot of stuff he's working very hard I can tell you that and they were working really very hard with New York City and with New York state at the request of congressman Lee Zeldin Long Island we will also be delivering another two hundred thousand and ninety five masks to Suffolk County where they needed very badly so getting that out of an emergency basis should be there tomorrow we'll also be deploying millions of N. ninety five masks to other locations that ad world full of Jack will detail shortly yeah it will be up in just a couple of minutes over the last twenty four hours FEMA has delivered an additional five hundred ventilators to New Jersey five hundred and again the governor has been very thankful we're working very hard with New Jersey including building hospitals we've also sent an additional two hundred ventilators to Louisiana definite hot spot three hundred to Michigan working very well I think with the governor amazingly six hundred will be going or have gone to Illinois and I mean there's a governor I am complaining all the time and temperature I hear he's always complaining and yet I just said give me a list of a couple of the things we've done in Illinois and we're building a two thousand five hundred bed hospital in McCormick place it's a big convention center in Chicago and we're helping to staff it and probably will end up staffing it because he's not able to do what you're supposed to be able to do as a governor he has not performed well they were also sending a hundred ventilators to Massachusetts so we have six hundred to Illinois we have a hundred to Massachusetts we have three hundred to Michigan we have two hundred to Louisiana we have five hundred ventilators five hundred going to New Jersey and this is being done by FEMA they delivered by FEMA and it's had some job just think of that when you think about five hundred ventilators a ventilator is a big deal we're also establishing a federal medical station in the Washington DC area to help Washington DC and working very closely with the mayor and everybody in Washington DC at the same time governor Insley we appreciate this of Washington state is returned four hundred ventilators which can now be deployed elsewhere in our country so the state of Washington has done very well they won't be needing some of the ventilators that have been said about four hundred that's a lot and we appreciate that he's able to give them back he feels confident that they are in good shape for the coming weeks until we can declare a final victory in the days ahead America willing during the peak of this terrible pandemic are warriors in this life and death battle or the incredible doctors and nurses and healthcare workers on the frontline of the fight we pledge to them our internal gratitude and everlasting support they make all of us very proud our country is very proud we have people they love our country the world loves our country most of it probably all of it they just don't say it I can report today that the United States has now tested and given results Scott results of one point six seven million people that's far more than any other country has been able to do and you remember we inherited a broken system so a lot of this has been developed by Tuesday one thousand two hundred brand new rapid point of care testing kits has been produced by Abbott laboratories great company and they'll be distributed to all of our public health labs as a fifteen minute test even less as well as the Indian health service the CDC and the strategic national stockpile so we're gonna have twelve hundred in on a weekly basis will make it a lot more that goes very fast and very accurate as and other countries are wanting them so at the right time we'll be able to do that but right now we're getting them to all of ours so we've done one million six hundred and seventy thousand test think of that one million six hundred and seventy thousand tests Rhonda we have a great system now we're working with the states and almost all instances but there we have a great system and the other thing that we bought a tremendous amount of is the hydroxy Laura Quinn hydroxy Clark when which I think is you know it's a great malaria drugs it's worked unbelievable hits of powerful drugs on malaria and there are signs that it works on this summer's strong signs and in the meantime it's been around a long time it also works very powerfully on lupus lupus so there are some very strong powerful signs we'll have to see because again it's being tested now this is a new thing that just happened to is the invisible enemy we call it and if you can if you have a no signs of heart problems the S. ret the mice and his rhythm Aisin which will kill certain things that you don't want to living within your body it's a powerful drug if you don't have a problem heart problems we would say thank you doctor think about it but as a combination I think they're going to be I think there's two things that should be looked at very strongly now we have purchased it we have stockpiled twenty nine min pills of the hydroxy Clark wins twenty nine million a lot of drug stores have them that by prescription and also in the not expensive also we're sending them to various labs our military was sending him to the hospitals were sending them all over I just think it's something you know the expression I've used it for certain reasons what do you have to lose what do you have to lose and a lot of people are saying that when and and and are taking it if you are a doctor a nurse a first responder a medical person going into hospitals they say taken it before the fact is good but what do you have to lose they say take it I'm not looking at it one way or the other but we want to get out of this if it does work it would be a shame if we didn't do it early but we have some very good sign so that's hydroxy Laura Quinn and it is rather my sin and again you have to go through your medical people get the approval but I've seen things that I sort of like so what do I know I'm not a doctor I'm not a doctor but I have common sense the FDA feels a the good about it they've as you know they've approved it they gave it a rapid improvement of approval and the reason because it's been out there for a long time and they know the side effects and they also know the potential so based on that we have sent it throughout the country we haven't stockpiled about twenty nine million doses twenty nine million doses we have a lot of it we hope it works driven by the goal of the brightest minds in size we have the brightest minds in science but we were driven by the goal of getting rid of this plague getting rid of this scorch getting rid of this virus these brilliant minds are working on the most effective anti viral therapies and vaccines we are working very very hard I have met many of the doctors that are doing it these are doctors that are working so hard on vanquishing the virus it is staying there we strongly recommend staying at home practicing rigorous hygiene and maintaining social distance so you're you're just not gonna catch it it's the most effective weapon in this war and I will tell you the we are committing to the two year we're committing to the people of our country like few administrations few people few professionals have ever committed before they are they are working so hard I see them I see them for my is exhausted people that I'm dealing with everyday exhausted they haven't left their offices they haven't left their hospitals we meet with them we see them and tremendous strides have been made I think the vaccines we'll have a report of that but the vaccines working together with other countries were also working with other countries many other countries and we all want everyone else to be first were very happy but we are very far down the line on vaccines we'll see how that all works Johnson and Johnson's doing a great job working very hard vaccine would be great therapy a therapy and therapeutic should be great let's see what happens and in the meantime you may listen to what I said about the two drugs mentioned my administration is rapidly implementing the largest emergency economic relief package in American history say what's been happening billions of dollars in small business loans have already been processed through paycheck ejection program so we went out on Friday and literally it's become so popular spin worked with the banks they get into the small business is all about employment it's all about jobs I want you to keep your jobs gives small business funding to keep the workers on the payroll and we're sending direct cash payments to millions of Americans and rushing aid to the hardest hit industries with saving industries we will be he'll be saying it and if we do more we're gonna do more we're going to try to get directly to people that are hit so hard but we're gonna take care of our workers were gonna take care of our citizens are going to take care of our small businesses we're gonna take care of our large businesses the airplane industry the the airline industry a lot of great industries that we have that are in trouble because of what took place over the last sure to times these are industries that would do a better for the most part doing better than ever the airlines are doing great oil was doing great oil and gas and in the energy industry was doing phenomenally well and got hit like nobody's ever been hit before just about like no industries ever been hit before there's never been anything like this but we see light at the end of the tunnel things are happening things are happening we're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully in the not too distant future will be very proud of the job we all did can never be happy when so many people are dying but we're going to be very proud of the job we did to keep the death down to an absolute minimum the least it could have happened with this terrible herbal virus in closing I also want to know today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week for Christians in America and all around the world well we may be apart from one another as you can see from our great churches a great pastors and ministers are now they're working very hard but we may be a part we can use this time to turn to reflection and prayer and our own personal relationship with god I would ask that all Americans pray for the hero doctors and nurses for the truck drivers and grocery store workers and for everyone fighting this battle I I had mentioned yesterday where I see the nurses rushing into hospitals and they're putting on their outfits and they're putting on their masks and goggles in some cases they're rushing into war they're rushing into war and I see people from apartment houses screaming and shouting and and singing their praises a credible thing they're warriors his doctors and nurses they're running into buildings and they literally putting it on as the doors are opening their putting all this stuff and running inside and they're running inside to tremendous danger tremendous danger but most of all I'd like to ask for your prayers for the families who have lost loved ones ask god to comfort them in their hour of grief it's a great hour.

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