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On the PELETON. And and in a performance metrics within within corporate organizations and. Is the goal you know. COMPA- compassion and Kindness, is wouldn't even enter into into the equation. Yeah Yeah exactly and that idea of it being ego centric, it's as if. We either are thinking. We're so great were so grandiose were so narcissistic. That's one way to. Just be. Caught up in self or were the worst were terrible. We need to get better I. You know I'm not fast enough smart enough rich enough, and that's it's just again of an other side of the coin in this. Right yeah. I in working with the great creature who I mentioned earlier Greg I'm sorry I keep digging you here today but and working with Greg Creech. I asked him about perfectionism because I have problems with perfectionism and he said. He said that's that's a subtle sign of egoism and you gotta get over yourself and it was such a slap in the face but it is it. It's just what you're talking about and boy you know this all I know we're kind of going around circles on this but one thing I want I sort of want to. Grab the tail of this in drag it somewhere else and say, okay, here we are in the middle of this pandemic and I I think many people have learned a lot of lessons in the last cheese how many months has been seven months seven hunts out yeah. Yeah. It's scary So and seven months you know one thing we certainly learned about is that we have we'll or maybe we've learned or were trying to learn. is getting comfortable making friends with uncertainty At that and like it's like what we're learning is three marks of existence, right? Not because we asked to learn because of being forced down our throat in these last seven months, right? So it's like we were learning in permanence, you know and we're learning interdependence, and we're learning that on nothing is as discreet and steady as we thought, it was or emptiness including ourselves..

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