AMC, Price Fixing, Bloomberg discussed on Sean Hannity


Police chief Brian Dugan says a pattern is developing these peaceful demonstrations he says are being hijacked by those who want nothing more than to cause trouble these are peaceful March is that whatever we wanna column who hooligans at invaders knuckle heads are taking over the end and when that turns that tension that's were asking you got to go the peaceful people gotta leave Dugan says a total of sixty eight people were arrested Tuesday night in Tampa says it accomplished nothing and no one one meantime a message of unity of this morning from city and community leaders in Saint Petersburg vice mayor Dr kanika Tomalin we stand here to say we walk with the wounded we marched with the marginalized and left their message to the highest levels of government we persist with the protesters and provide for their safety and peace this morning's event came after about two dozen were arrested in St Pete last night phase two of Florida's re opening is on the way speaking at universal in Orlando governor to Samus outlined details of the next step to bring the state's economy back up to speed says gyms and retail outlets will be allowed to reopen at full capacity bars and pubs we'll be back in business restaurants have been able to to do the social distance seating they can see people on a bar now if they want to with the appropriate measures and then bars and pubs may operate at fifty percent capacity inside full capacity outside and it's going to be seated service governor says he'll sign the order today in the full phase two will take effect on Friday I'm reach upward newsradio WFLA this is a Bloomberg money minute another strong rally for the markets in the major averages are near three month highs as we approach to the closing bell the Dow was up five hundred and fifty point two percent the S. and P. is up one point four percent the nasdaq is up point eight percent near its all time high cheesecake factory shares jumped eighteen percent after the Calabasas hills based company reported a lot of customers are coming back sales at its reopened restaurants have reached seventy five percent of pre pandemic levels with no one going to the movies the nation's largest movie theater chain AMC says it might have to go out of business AMC says it is generating no revenue with all its feeders closed as a result of the corona virus crisis shares fell two percent several chicken industry executives have been indicted for price fixing including the C. E. O. of pilgrim's pride pilgrim's pride shares fell eleven percent Tyson fell more than three percent modera they're all Bloomberg radio as the corona health disease caused you financial disease the long term effects of the corona virus are unknown but the short term effects for the.

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