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Sixty degrees. Not too bad. I wasn't complaining about the temperatures over the weekend. No doubt. That y'all get any throwing us over there. Now, we've got rain on Friday. And then how we were like fifty degrees plus Saturday and Sunday. No, snow, no ice. I got shut down. For the body. It began in black. My badge off. Got a little small white guy plan. Been listening to your show all night. I wanted to call in. Mayor. Pick up. Long wrangler. The border and let the people Cremona grow. I don't think he said so somebody somebody suggested video building the wall in the areas where the people want them, and then for these apparently you've got some ranchers and whatnot that say they don't want a wall along their lands. We'll just leave those stretches open, so they can all come in on their property. Yeah. Be sure. Rocket. Mark crossfire after in the middle of what you think about that. I mean that that that ain't no barrier. No barrier. You know? No. Steiner said this har- thing that happened Lance. Family. Something happened to her. Garbage. What about this? Wallman? Her spanking carcass, a layup on capitol rotunda. You know? I mean, what the hell is this? Hello greek. I mean, we are losing our country. All right. Right. Damatac attack in this country. Don't go. It's it's a Bruin at its each passing day with each group of illegals that come in. Now, we we've been saying it for years, you've got I like the old the bowl of Eminem scenario, you got a whole ball of them. And in there might be three or four of them in that bowl. That are guaranteed to kick their poison. Now, you gotta take the risk of eating that bowl of them and EMS. You're you're exactly right. I'm comprise the good. Not yet. Are are are. Governing body of this country. Shamal? But but what helps it ill too bar? Asshole court. Mine. The. The headlines. Hatred and the bar this goal going home in the people's feelings in this country. You can blame for that. The News Radio for giving us. Thank you, filthy, Arab woman. Awful lot shorter president of the United States. What about? Party cannot. Corrupt and damn bar down into the food..

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