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No longer it's no longer something someone's just seeing. Oh you should try. That is the really strong. A scientific evidence perfect you said breathing anti like in addition of a reset dramatic but really does affect you like research. Harvard led by professor cold. Pascal drop the name there because he's a very famous noodle neurologist and he got a group of volunteers to secrets of fide notes and a piano so the basically went academic scale with five fingers on an all for a two of a period had to bring scandal. Today the region of the brain connected to the finger muscles had done legal muscle growth. But as I say we call it. Acetate quite substantial. You'll plus it. You could physically see the difference inside of the region of the brain having not to us today for five days a second group of people or ask the closer is the hunt flatten. Able imagine the going book is called. Kinesthetic imagery using the margin would feel really. Were doing it. Like is if you could. If you imagining doing a volley in tennis you'd be magic out. Feels the same thing in imagining. How feels the also the DOT imagining? I've it feels for the two hours on five consecutive days on the brain scandal today missing. When you the brain scans side by side you could not l. deference between those played the notes with the finders With the mind exactly the same in other words. The brain wasn't distinguishing between whether you're really moving with Uber imagining us. That's incredible now. This what you did with the Andy Murray served I get so Chris. Aided this study after you give me a video of undeserving on the US. Open this day. It was just after he'd won the US Open. We did the Creek Locker ten center. Go the video just behind Nimitz. If you give me an judy and Andy was sad and knocking Balls target amazingly seven and knocking the ball of the pinpoint accuracy site to be video. I cut it down to just about four or five seconds from an ice happened. Is I decided I was fatal being technically probably the worst tennis played. Don't blame him afford device because everyone in the blame for years and I thought I'm going to sign so somebody visualize what I phoned the visualization difficult because you need to have a mental representation a mental representation. As you need to know what you're visualizing using looks like so I used this little tool goal action observation if you exempt something being done correctly a fuss amount of fines your brain processes as if you're really doing it yourself massively speeds up landing so. I actually watched that video of Three thousand times and I see that with scientific accuracy because I may not be capable in Microsoft an exactly four weeks to the of the next leaks season and I thought my average losing margin in the league with sex love sex one an avalanche. Something's at score with two three games all the things that sexual sex love and I just. I'm just slamming. Today's I will do visualize ten sabs enter the juice court and Tan. Seventeen the sued ethical. Because I didn't do why they have failed. White WASHED UNDIES VIDEO. One Hundred Times a day for theft two days. That's why I say three thousand teens after about three days of doing that I in greened patch it in my mind of for a really good look plate so I too often about three days. I could visualize anybody to cut loan to that for days. And the core and hundred bowls a once a week to call alone students show. I won the league and then I wanted to thought with a dropping. Say they're a tensely by any means? I'm not trying to impress anyone trying to impress a how fast might game change Really just by using federalisation and you said knowledge is. I knew that as I been doing that is causing massive substantial changes to the sucker two of my brain and they would have to be a physical benefit of and for me. It translated myself improvement. Give me much more confidence. In the courts. I've is no longer always usually within ten minutes. Four left out when averaging all of a sudden wasn't for love that too hold and that changed the whole dynamic.

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