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We know this. Why don't they expand their offense? Like you'll saquon Barkley. He's a stud. Just do more screen. So max. Do squeeze all you want to man, but people going to figure that out. This is National Football League in the reality is that you don't have your your offense of lines stinks, and that's really the problem. You can't run black can't outs Bach, you know, and you got a quarterback that shot because he's been the hit too much, though the punishment that he takes. He can absorb it the way to the used to man. That's what this really is about what he lie. He lie, can't throw the ball downfield. You got pass German screaming them to throw the football. You can't throw the football downfield because he's too scared because he's looking at oncoming pressure rather than looking down feel receivers. That's what your problem lies. I hear you. I just wish there was some just some more creativity because you seem Seattle has a horrible offensive line amid he moves. I mean row Russell Wilson moves, but just rule. Away from the pass rush. You know. Chris, Chris, I gotta run all I want to say to us be safe in Florida. I know whether conditions out there have been suspect. The other thing that I want to say to us that I'm gonna cut this conversation short because I gotta go. But more importantly, I don't want to depress you because there's nothing good to say about the giants. It ain't gonna just do this. Just do that. No, there's nothing you can do you season's over you season's over look to the future. My brother look to the future your calls to close out the show in a minute, stick around or touch that dollar. Stephen ESPN, radio ESPN news..

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