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Children. Those children will make back and they will not develop the skill that their counterparts might and they not participated in those broken. So there's a sense of incentives facing these children that do not promote their skills and their for this evasion the larger environment so they become. I don't wanna say detached but they developed much less of what their potential might be and and that sounds like it's been creates a mentality that i think is very very dangerous for their own will be it's harmful and that's the other part. Is that a lot of these parents in the welfare state. They're they're all well. And i'm not guessing though the militias with parents that are out there trying to hurt their children u. way but some of the less advantage errands who are still advising their children and the day to day of the year award. Notice spool you. Now do this do that. Don't have any crime and so forth and so on those influences remain and those children are not insulated against that so they may have more money more food on the table they may have worn income security but some of the basic values errands and families provide are missing and that is not achieved. That's not achieved by preschool. It's not achieved by these nursery or childcare center or formal education. None of those factors happens aid for what is missing. Which is the early family years. And it's not like a government program for saying is gonna somehow galvanize the parents not at least the kind that are emblazoned denmark. And so i think the really or thing recognize is that to me. The study emphasizes in a way that i'd never recognized the powerful role of the family that the family is is every as an american looking into the whole discussion of inequality in the united states. Seeing these two trillion dollar packages triple trying to reenact the welfare state. You realize that these buying formulas are basically reincarnations of the danish welfare instant almost line by line unlimited child your universal freaking free college tuition you go down the list of things that biden promised in his presidential address and that many others and it's not just biden it's not even just now my grant a lot of republicans. A lot of will really believe that with this list of social policies in place the world is going to be a better place and provide opportunity..

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