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Know He. He's profoundly clever however he makes rocket landed comedy understand but can I say that he hired people that makes rocket. I don't think he wrote the fucking landing code on the rockets. You just go to come down from you. The land didn't write the landing cold in the rockies. Stop for a minute stop from it. You're you're literally frothing at the mouth. Probably a really really quiet lady bird. So he's coming and he's he's looked he's looks at the best selling closer taken the US which is quite baffling for European which is a massive truck with a flatbed in. That doesn't often seem to have anything in it And he said well. Let's just go out out there and do something completely off the scale and we'll talk about us. Well he seems to have succeeded in that. If one hundred fifty thousand people have genuinely written deposit check. It's one hundred dollars. Chris is one hundred a dollar a hundred dollars. No one hundred dollars is the kind of listen. If this is a real product and I do not believe it is okay just for a second think about the fact that Tesla currently produces three vehicles three production vehicles s x three. Okay three they have taken deposits. It's on five further vehicles. That do not exist reservations reservations. Excuse me there's five further hotel room. Yes yeah okay okay. So I think there's a difference being reservation this idea in view this as being as absurd as you do partly because being European the concept of a truck is quite foreign so disrupt that all all kinds of subverts at. I think the problem is you're looking at it like you're taking something we're and you're taking something that in my opinion is not normal in your normalizing it and I'm not talking about the styling of the vehicle. Okay I believe. There's no real styling to the vacancies. It it's it's basically it's a it's a someone's taken a geometry set from school and thrown the wall right. I believe that Tesla's business model is not selling cars because without south federal tax credits and shit. They lose money on the cars. They all lose money all the cars do. And they're selling seventy thousand dollar car for fifty thousand dollars like they're losing fucking money on cars if you put everything in their business model is every quarter or half or whatever it is you have to fuck in in high hype and then you gotTa get new investors and then you gotta you gotTa take. So what the hype is crazy. Look in fucking space truck really really really low reservation bar hundred dollars easy to just click on your phone apple pay boom done no real contract and now they go to Morgan Stanley and they go. I got two hundred thousand dollars for this twenty million dollars. They're fucking bragging about this. which by way I? I suspect based on what people I've red is. It's an SEC. Violation for Alonzo Brag about the number of that. I'll which violates. SEC regulations constantly constantly and in the open it's fucking. It's all oh crazy but it is my belief that they have no intention of building that but surely he's he has intention to tackle in this country and maybe not maybe not no intention but by the time a- twenty twenty one twenty twenty two whatever comes around it won't even fucking matter care about a hundred dollars anymore. I'm just going to throw some Simpson gasoline onto the bonfire and what about the tug of war video with the F.. One come on. Tell us about that. Without having coronary I mean I just have a problem with fucking lying liars and then and the people worship them. That's it. I have a review coming out on Wednesday of the model three performance. I thought it was fucking great. Those great but you can think the car is great. And you can go this fucking guys over here scamming you. Donald Trump owns a couple of buildings for real. He really owns a couple of buildings he really rents a couple of condos. He's also a giant fucking looking scam artists. That's his real job is liable in this podcast. I it should be locked up. I'm not saying that I'm just saying that. I think people need to realize that. I think they're being had. It's difficult here all you have to do my only advice. You don't have to fucking shit on him on twitter. You know what to do anything. Just just don't give him any money for something. You can't take home with you. That's that's it. You're giving him a zero interest loan.

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