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Compaq snow and ice on the streets in downtown Seattle and buses are very limited. As part of our coverage of snowstorm, but first update from ABC. From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen in Virginia. Second woman has come forward accusing Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax of sexual assault of Virginia delegate is now calling for Fairfax to resign. More and more Democrats call on Lieutenant governor Fairfax to step down. He says he will not resign. But now another democrat Virginia delegate says he will introduce articles of impeachment on Monday. If Fairfax doesn't step down ABC's, Tom yomas. Fairfax denies those allegations and says he doesn't plan to resign. He's in line to replace governor. Ralph Northam who's also facing calls of resignation following a racist yearbook photo that surfaced from his medical yearbook, the House Judiciary committee questioning acting attorney general Matt Whitaker Friday about the Muller investigation, immigration and discrimination. Democrats also asked Whitaker if he believed the law protected LGBTQ Americans he wouldn't directly answer other than to say, no one should face discrimination. And that it's up to congress to decide Whitaker. Also wouldn't answer the US will provide legal aid to asylum. Seekers. The US is now making wait in Mexico. Andy Field ABC news, Washington. Bill of good health. That's the finding from President Trump's doctor Dr Shawn Conley did not offer further details, but says the four hour checkup on Friday was conducted by a panel of eleven board certified specialists back to back storms, delivering a rare winter wallop two parts of the northwest causing whiteout conditions. Washington state's governor issuing a state of emergency ABC's, rob Marciano has more northwest slammed again by another winter storm bringing near whiteout conditions in Seattle drivers stranded and some forced to pull over major highways closed down. The storm hitting the Seattle metro area.

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