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Eight hundred gambler back to the games week. Zero hawaii playing right down the street at ucla. We will be going to the ucla game week. One vs lsu at home here in the in the rose bowl but we zero. Is this a look ahead. Spot for ucla. They're laying seventeen. Hawaii comes in as a plus five fifty dog sitting at seventy and a half. I'm taking. I'm taking the rainbow warrior's here in seventeen chip kelly's ucla team. Because they've had issues with and i'm with colby overall that Ucla is going to surprise. Some people going to be better than expected but they still have issues with defense and he's only had chip. Kelly only two wins or more of seventeen points in the chip kelly. Ucla year now. Some of that's skewed a little bit because they only played pac twelve teams last year. But i still think. This is an easy spot to overlook a hawaii team. That's not horrible on the road. So i'll take. I'll take hawaii catching the big number. Kobe are you with me. You all in on the bruins on the bruins here. Look last year. Hawaii came to l. a. They played at dignity health sports park. One of the greatest places to stayed to catch a game and then twenty four to san diego state. Hawaii is great on the island when they go away. Where i worry about this. I guess mass just seventeen feels a little high for me. I mean t- to your credit chevron cordeiro that quarterback that todd graham had was a freshman last year. He's only going to get better but i just think. Ucla from an experienced point. I think this is the year that chip. Kelly turns out corner. Gimme the bruins. Think at halftime. you're going to be believing. Oh man we're you hawaii's only downtown. We got this. I was gonna say sean. Did you forget the return. It almost all their starters. Those five school offense. I know chip kelly. That's what i know. That's not the chip. Kelly knowledge is what i'm bring into cry. Okay i'm again. I'm i guess this is the smart side of the table. And i let me guess the public's all over hawaii run uh the public i would say my analysis would be the. The money is split closer to fifty really. Yeah all right. that's surprising. I bet i bet the public's going to be all over ucla. I also feel the same way about chip kelly. There's a stone. i'm not the only one who aids chip. Kelly you ask around. There are a lot of people out there that hate them them. Some chip kelly. You tap heads. The las cruces new mexico square off against new mexico state new mexico state the battle of attention. He looked out. Yeah can't new mexico state nine point home dog plus two seventy on the money line. New mexico state did play in the spring. Unfortunately for them played a couple of games didn't look good. They're like you mentioned kobe. The new mexico state is joining the sec. Coming up here before they do. Though what do you think of them as a home dog against tip. I like it. I mean look. I don't like it. I like it like a new mexico. State teams dog. Everyone transferred out. I mean they literally have like one returning star which is a very unique scenario because they couldn't practice everyone left last year because of the governor's orders and and you know just a disastrous Thing but i do believe that dog martin's not a horrible head coach youtube dana demo in a big year for him. If he doesn't win this year he's going to be fired. I they just didn't pass the eye last year they'd be abilene christian seventeen to thirteen. They they beat the they'd beat stephen f. Austin twenty four. Fourteen in that score was even closer than than what what that shows. Knowledge is on peril. So i am going to take doug martin getting nine points in las cruces battle of i ten rivalry game. But you don't ever games you take the points guys you take the points but colby you also told us repeatedly how bad new mexico status are both. These teams are you. Tip is not to the point where they should be a nine or even there's some nine and a half south there road. Favorite dad is crazy and again new mexico sneaky elevation so Maybe these youtube minors quite in and incomplete shape. So they're coming in odd. Shark has fifteen point three to twelve point. Zero new mexico state gets the cover. That's horrible. I'm gonna call me. I think i think new mexico state rivalry home dog. That's right up my wheelhouse just just Colby an ira on the same page over here. Just like What's that movie. Where the swing. The sword at the same time inside the big coach each book. Yeah el paso thirty seven hundred feet whilst cruises thirty nine hundred feet. So that's a two hundred foot elevation job. I forget el paso had also sneaky elevation. I mean look you got a gas. seventy seven. Hundred is completely different. You where the players coming from that are gonna make this new mexico. State got a transfer on the line. That's i'm really excited about that. One chalky is the place. Should i mean you know what my instincts. Tell me to follow the money. I'll take new mexico. State only getting thirteen percent of the money shot. Martin has just a couple years ago. He took a mexico's state to a ball. Game proven good kreider die. We're on the same sides of everything. Uh-huh wow i'm already feeling good about my position fading to games you guys are going to go to. I'm to go out. That's that's my prediction. That's my locked. We do have a couple. Other games team came bro. We do have other Games on the board here. Southern utah san jose state colby. What are your thoughts here. Lines not out. While san jose state was undefeated in the regular season won the mountain west last year they lost the ball game but they had like thirty plays out including their coordinators I was scout and southern utah earlier in the summer. The thunderbirds great nickname. I'm on san jose state to rule. They're wondering what that line will. What do we predicted going to be. I even thinking like twenty five point. Five something like that My power rating has it at twenty four and a half but brent brennan it look nick starr calls back in your thirty five at san jose state. That they're running back. Tyler evans is a physical team. I think they could win the mountain west again so i'm excited to watch that one. What do you think buddy thunderbirds. I told you. I was in utah. I saw the southern utah football team or a team practicing on a field near the southern utah campus. He could have just been a random high school. I have no idea one of the worst football teams. I've ever seen in my life so i my my note was we're gonna fade southern utah. There's an opportunity there. Fcs right yeah they are. They are well. God bless week zero because now we get to fade so hopefully these cowards. Put a number so we can come back. Come on you got three lines. they needed. Drop this come on now. Vegas does a state. Yeah they're solid team especially at home and how late in the season were undefeated musher until the game..

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