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You can do what you gotta do. It is at least spelled h. e. r. t. z. They're not fully. no body. Richard hurts is his name. He's typically or primarily he started opposite villain of booster gold and he was a part of the of evil corporation known as the one thousand and they're the ones who equipped him with his bad as a battle garments. Some some pretty cool armor going on here and he has like a amazed that he can Not not conjure. They can concentrate. Kind of a green lantern can construct anything so this construct the mace. I don't know they'll be using that. Ben mason the movie probably for some guns or something. I'd imagine yes. He contracts a gun a gun that shoots maces goddamn. It's very big. It must be now. I will say this also made this also cheating but He killed during his tenure in the suicide squad in the comics he was killed by an enemy known as the as the general way dealing. I'm going to go against the grain. Here say no. that's wrong. he dies. I was gonna say man like i wanted. I tried i was like i'm going to know as soon as my pin. Hit the air above the paper. That microscopic space in between is like nope or Next we gotta talk about polka-dot man we got saw. How the fuck you say. This guy's name. David douse malchin. Malcolm taos malchin. Think he's does malchin. Yes malchin okay. That's like that's malchin. Is that german german. But i really believe it if someone of more familiar corrected me. yeah anyways Very talented actor. Yes actually a creepy dude. He's gotta be creeping real life right. He's getting imagine he'd be super friendly in real life offputting at all but as soon as someone says action like that creepy side comes out of your comes out of him way too. Well oh yeah like. Oh that was to natural acting with me the polkadot. What a what a cast call would a yes. This was this was great casting. I think okay for starters. Polkadot man was one of the more no named quote unquote list of entourage. People here that. I somewhat knew about before tonight. Now i do not believe you'll be nearly as powerful in this movie He might be i. I think I think it'd be close. Like i think he'd be able to so. And so i was paying for the home east. Polka-dot man yeah. He wears a suit. That is a white suit. Skin-tight that is covering polka dots. And he can grab said polka dots and throw them all for various uses most famously. He uses them to form like a like a a hover blade. they can use to fucking getaway. He loves that one can use it as like a solve lead. Think kung lao more combat with the hat. He thinks he'll i've seen them use like a giant as sunspot live being used to blind people while he gets away He can use it as like a fucking bubble. They can use to transport to get away and probably one of my favorites. I hope they used this one is he can throw it on the fucking ground like a cartoon character jumped down the motherfucker and teleport somewhere else out these into an he has more than it has other berries use but those are some of the more famous ones..

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