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This episode Sodas also presented to you by UNTUCKIT. Ed is beside himself right nows. He's watching the cowboys and patriots fourth. Quarter unfold on the final drive here for the cowboys. Sorry what could be the final drive for the cowboys. We are uncertain about that yet because there is still time on the clock but we are going to power through this and talk all about the raiders lost lost to the jets. Thirty forty three the final score in this loss. We talked about a little bit already ourselves. But it was crazy to see see for me Jon Gruden benches Derek Carr in the third quarter when the score was a mean. They're still behind thirty four three. But you're thinking thinking maybe there's a chance maybe they're gonNA try to power through. This may be. They're going to bring out some different things. Make some adjustments. That's not the case. Mike Glennon held the reins at the end of the game. Then he what did you make of John. GRUDEN's call to put their car in the right. Well I've already Golden some people on twitter for actually referring frank to it as a benching. It wasn't eventing. He took them out. Basically for self-preservation. I mean you. Don't WanNa get hurt. That game was out of reach. It's a cold blustery three day. Rainy Day No sense in leaving him in that game which would have been Ab. There's no hope in that game and they also took out there running back Josh Jacob. So right you don't play in the fourth quarter so they didn't get benched. They got protected more than anything else so optimist by nature and. I always think there's a chance there's always a chance. Because there's there's no and there's there's you know the backup quarterback situation with the Oakland riders right now. There's no chance that any of those guys ever ever unseat Derek Carr. So that wasn't a benching. I know that he got pulled from the game. And you Never WanNa get bolt on the game but I am not using bench. That's not a badge. That's why this might say because I can see every point nuts on thinking like that this may be the start third of Gruden doing this pooling more fun games as a starter if he should throw sixes. What happened today? Okay Ed when you look at Carlson side of things and he missed a field goal here. He's done it in the past and the Post Jon Gruden says that you know he's going to talk to everybody involved on that and see what happened. What went wrong? What did you make of his comments about Daniel? Carlson made so we'll get to that. After I looked up your MIC shefty coaching the Patriots agents. Get all these calls. Oh wait I meant jive bill bill and Chester. How can you have tripping when there's no contact anyway and that was a catch with Cooper first of all I I'll say this on car Denise completely right on this you have to protect them any you saw Mike Glennon struggle even take a snap. I know it was raining. You can't have carver Harvard. Give any chance of making a right awhile. Actually they do. But you've got a guy playing bowling ball out with her with the. Footballs the backup. And I'm like this can't be a game of imports. Daniel Carson struggling a little miss the extra pointing. This chargers missed field goal. Dance with three four games. I think he's still a good kick. I think gruden still believes and they've got so many more issues in Daniel Carlson right now I mean today. He missed a GIG but thirty three. I think you'll be fine. He's been did keep updated kicker early on this year I they have a lot more issues. They can't really cover anyone on the back end lamarcus joyner needs to get back on the field. They were horrible in zone today. Giving up underneath routes to Sam darnold was terrific. So I I think I think they'll be okay at kicker maybe they wanNA tell their punter not to tackle people out of bounds and get unnecessary roughness penalties. That's how much buffoonery this thing. Let's say this it was a close loss and they lost because of that kick. What are you? What's your I think? He looks at a lot stronger than you know. When when he says I want to talk to the artists the holder the snapper the kicker I think he should just talk at the special teams coach? Assyrian issue here right. But I think on his mind he probably gets on that plane thing they have a lot more issues than. AM fourteen thirteen game and the kid misses the kick. Even like you pointed out there are some wind wasn't horrible weather but it was very under that something happen open pulled it left and it was from forty three which the distance so went letter that goes to Sam Darnold Pass. That moved the ball. You had mentioned before Sam Darnold. Seeing jobs aren't well I'll say goes. But the raiders. Were Dead on defense. Because I'm telling you he made them look dead. He was. That kid was really good. Sam Darnold Twenty of twenty nine for three three fifteen two touchdowns ran for one. He was really nice. I agree with Vinnie. Vinnie like at the end of games. That this guy's GonNa be really good. Look if you're the jets right now you've won three straight and he scored thirty four points in east coast regains. I don't know if you can make back. They've only won four. It's hard get on a wildcard at this point because the bills are going to get one of the wildcard but looking to next year I mean a month ago it was like fire. You're out of gas. I'm seeing ghosts. She had a bunch of buffoonery in the team. Now it's like there seemed everything seems right in the Dutch land. There's no question about it and There is. There was overreaction earlier in the year obviously Sameness Games because of the modern mono there's many other ways that ah explained to me. So Mono within his first effort with the raiders so so getting back to him and I was at his pro day a a in in southern California and the whole browns contingency was there and I remember writing. I was at the time with Daily News. He just he promised show and I was like he secured the number one pick you know. Why would you look anywhere else? In low mauled. They picked Baker Mayfield instead of Donald. Still think that was a mistake. Nothing against is Baker. Mayfield but we saw today. What a big strong quarterback guy that can make lives with his legs and he came? Yeah and there was. There was wind out there today not affected by in the least protected him. I think gazes actually a pretty good coach. So they're on the right track and the defense to the run against up you can start with. That's that's when you get in the NFL. You can't run the ball right even if you're a really good team out that the raiders are really good team. They're competent. Obviously they have a good rookie running back. He couldn't do anything today would he have Josh. Josh Jacobs I got here. Ten carries thirty four yards. Long fifteen on the sweep but yeah I mean you can't run suggests that's a good starting point and then they put you in you know second and third and longs where you have to throw the ball on. That's where Greg Williams gets all creative And you look at the total of this team is not in a defensive Lineman Edmund. It's your safeties cornerbacks linebackers. That are getting the bulk of sacks. and that's Greg Williams cooking things up and and being creative so there's a lot like about that jet seem. I'm not saying that to excuse anything. That happened with the raiders. Because now they just didn't come correct today and that's a huge issue That's the that's the issue. As far as this episode of Vegas Nation will be right back. The holidays are almost here. And you know what that that means gifts and what better gift to give the guy in your life then a stylish shirt that fits just right..

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