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Could lose five to seven. MLS is going to lose a billion dollars yeah. Joy with the news well, that's the news and thanks for stopping. Heard lie bizarrely accurate, and I'm not going to apologize. I'll predict to his first. Win Justin Herbert's first win Joe Boroughs I win and Jordan loves I win. The rookie quarterback's first win of next year. There's a science to it. That's coming up. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays noon eastern nine. Am Pacific Okay Casper as everything to build the dream bedroom. GO TO CASPER DOT COM for more information. The code is Heard H. E. R. D., so I'm going to predict. With stunning accuracy like last year and the year before with Lamar Jackson when joy. Invests for last a quarterback wins his first game science to. There's a science to it. So. Let's go to the first. quarterback picked Joe Borough Cincinnati Bengals. This is the easy one. So people like Joe Borough I think he's a good prospect entering a brutal division. He's GonNa lose to the chargers. Cleveland and Philadelphia Open. These are elite defensive fronts. But I do believe at home against the Jacksonville team that is rebooting. Don't call it tanking. It's rebooting. It'll be only one of only maybe four or five wins I think that's an easy one. I think Joe Bros I win is against the Jacksonville Jaguars week for the NFL. Let's go to number five pick dolphins now. Ryan Patrick. According to Mike Garafolo Fitzpatrick's starter. That's a story at the. He's the starter. So Fitzpatrick has a history of playing very well early. He'll beat New England New England. Bella checks worst month is September. Fitzpatrick's best month is September. He also is a veteran quarterback. Who's faced ballot check many times. I think Miami then splits buffalo beat. Pizza loses at Jacksonville wins. Then they have Seattle and San Francisco. They lose both the coaching staff in Miami will strongly consider starting to at Denver. You're going to talk shows in Miami. Let's go. Were two and three. Let's go. Let's get to in the coaching staff, knowing Denver and that. Altitude and VIC FANGIO is not an ideal start. They'll start him the following week at home against the chargers, they will not win that game. It's to his start chargers. Defense is the re the best secondary in the NFL. But to his I win will be week eight against the rams at home remember. Previous week the rams play Monday night football short week. The week after that game, the rams have off. Are they overlooking Miami with a losing record rams will have a winning record. To US I win will be over the La Rams at home in week eight. Now just in Herbert. Number six went to the charter. tyrod Taylor is the starter I am told they're all in on him. And tyrod, this'll be interesting. He'll open at Cincinnati with a win. Lose to Kansas City beat Carolina. That have a two game losing streak at Tampa at New Orleans. The staff will stick with a have committed to him and he'll go on a four game winning streak, tyrod and the chargers beat the jets beat Miami. Beat Jacksonville and beat the raiders. Then, there's they're feeling good about themselves. They'll Denver in Buffalo. Lose both on the road. And the chargers staff and Anthony Lynn will go. We are six and five. We are struggling against the better defenses. We have faced which is Tampa New Orleans Denver Buffalo. It's time. They come back at home against New England. Now check is great at home against rookie quarterback's. His record isn't as devastating devastating on the road against younger quarterbacks and Justin Herbert gets his first win week. Thirteen at home remember the chargers staff is in tyrod Taylor, but they're gonNA look at Kansas, city pulling away from them. My prediction is Denver's a wildcard team. They're six and five. They get New England at home and the schedule is very manageable and they're going to say. Let's go and give Justin the team in week thirteen any wins. And, finally the number twenty six overall pick Jordan love now, barring an injury Aaron Rodgers will play. All seventeen weeks. But I know he will start. At some point. And I look at that division I. Think let's see who's not well run. And who will I know beyond Bay schedule? So I am predicting that Jordan love will beat the Detroit Lions in twenty twenty two. I'm guessing it's at Lambeau I know they play them and I know they're not well run, and they'll probably have a new coach, and perhaps a new GM and the same old owner. So in review. Joe, borough wins week four against Jacksonville. To US I win is week eight against the rams. Justin Herbert's first win is week thirteen against new, England and Jordan love wins in two years against Detroit..

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