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I love that about the film. It's okay. Some though the hunting us simplicity to as well, which I think the new one doesn't have the knee one is sprawling way too many carrots too, many things going on this one is just a ferry boil down gang of characters versus navien in the jungle. It's pre- you could sit out in about free sentences. It works pretty well. Fascinating about this film. I think we'll nothing else is this film was destined to be shit. It was destined to be flop, and it came within a hair of being a terrible film. So that the ending of the film was completely different the novelization. If you eat it, you guess let the shape Shifter and he shoots it with his own weapon. Like as a whole different thing and ship blows up. But obviously the original designed for the avian was this sort of scifi lobster thing. With a run leon-claude van Damme inside the suit like a red dwarf was the red version was the one that they see out for the rental. Yeah. Did. Yeah. Curry months red wolf, but it was the red. When we see g doubt appears in the finished film, CG meta. But it was this huge thing. And they all realize it didn't work, and there was a point women tenant showed Russia's the studio and Houston doesn't they shut down production. And at that point, the whole film could have been just deep six right there. And then and then they put in STAN Winston any side the whole thing. But if they had not done that this is a film that would have been on. Everyone's bombshell from blockbuster. We'd never seen it because it came sandwiched in the middle of. So he started off his action phase with Burien, which is deeply deeply weird film. But at times brilliant and at times problematic. How's the world's greatest country? And John Milius and describe well an old does. DVD? We've only he literally just describes happening. He's just gone now. I am.

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