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Sucking the toes of the fascists you've got people who are being threatened with their job with losing their jobs, because they do not want to support a neo-fascist Marxist organization called. Black lives matter I mean you've you've people saying I support? My local police department of being attacked. You're watching that you see what's going on in Wisconsin. You got a governor that is willing to to use corrupt tricks not to help Wisconsin not to help the. The people who lost their jobs, not putting that kind of energy and effort into fixing Dwdm the unemployment problem here. No effort whatsoever there. He had to be shamed into even addressing the problem with unemployment. So you see that going on here and he's more interested in an embarrassing. Scott Fitzgerald and Robin boss by the way happily. That didn't work at all. He is more interested in teeing up county health departments to try to Reimpose A. A lockdown to reimpose lockdown. Why because Colbert nineteen is exploding all over Wisconsin now? No, because he wants to make an argument for an all male in election, because the Democrats know that mail, an elections are going to be an advantage to them. This is the blank that he has been doing. Since he's been governor, he has never put your interests or my interest or the state of Wisconsin, economies interests, anybody's interests, not farmers, not manufacturers. Manufacturers, not people who wait tables, not little old ladies who are stuck in nursing homes that is the hot spot of cove nineteen in our state, nothing on behalf of citizens of Wisconsin, and so I think our people are ticked off enough that they would like to actually constructively channel some of the I know I want to constructively channel my rage into something. That could actually do good. Let's go to Matt and Burlington High At. Good afternoon we'll the program thank you, I tell you what I write a rock and roll on this I. Am like a Coon Hound in the back of a truck and all you gotta do is open the door. We we need a role on this I've been signed up since late May and it's hard getting volunteers, but you know what we can do a lot more in a very very very large group.

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