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Six eighty. Hi, nice that Barry bloom with us. So a lot of Burien spring training. Barry, how are you? Good morning. How are you? Good. Very good. And well, you know, I know that San Diego's a team you have followed closely for many many many years giants in San Diego. I two games your your impressions first of all of the Padres. Well, I mean. You know as advertised, you know, their offense with Machado and Jason. That know a lot better at one thing as I watched a coming up through the minor league tonight. I saw a lot the thing that have trust me the most was speed on the base past. Yeah. This guy is as fast as Sanders to me going from I home, absolutely unbelievable. I've seen taking your send data ready pitching surprise me to a certain degree as we're going to their minor leaguers now in the next few games. But it's hard to understand. What is the Padres pitching? Right now is that good or the giant hitting is that bad? Today, we see Nick Margaritis anything about him or the guy tomorrow paddock. Yeah. Well, I saw Margaret vicious in spring training. You know, he's you know, kind of a multi pitch pitcher with a with a decent fastball. But. You know, this guy wasn't wasn't even be. With the big club. Training started. Yeah. They were giving a lot of youngsters early starts in spring training. You just give him some experience before they shut the back to the minor leagues. But you know, this is state of where their pitching staff is right now the two guys. Excuse me, the two guys that you saw ready are are the only experience starters, and they have twenty major league starts, but you know, h between the two of them and how you're going to a guy. One game above single-a at an excellent spring. He's a guy that got. You know in in in in a toilet Miami for Fernando Rodney. Yeah. They've they've mentioned great great acquisitions, but he's also coming off. Tommy, John surgery was limited on innings last year. They'll be limited on innings again this year. So I think if they can get a solid five innings additive f tomorrow and the way he pitched some point there is less spring start at I think the last one was on the backfield. Get struck out twenty guys with thirteen headaches. Is it a nice kid fun guy wears suits to the park every day pitches as a great sense of humor? Really nice kid. And so we'll see I think he's is it up and coming player for them. But you know, with the the guys they have on board for the next few days. If the giants don't get the offense going there. Probably never gonna get. It's gone. Very good. And I think we we said that in the show today. Barry bloom, joins us, Forbes dot com. It is Derek Rodriguez today against Margaret vicious. And tomorrow, we've got Jeff samardzija going against Chris paddock where the Padres made some trades paddock for Fernando Rodney turned down and look. Good scouting. And then about getting financing tatty. Sue you've been all over that one for a year. I know back on Twitter back and forth with the fans, but I shield about that. James? Yeah. Met strong moves another up and comer. They got her a bevy of like, rob butcher. And you know, Bauer, you know, they got them from Kansas Kansas City a couple of years ago to I mean AJ. Prowler? Trai? They flipped out guys. Like trade turns people like that were in the organization before he got there, and he really cleaned up the organization of a lot of players. But now his redemption is really a good job. Getting other other talent from other organizations. The problem is they yet it on anybody who they drafted or any other international side. So that's still to come. So what you're seeing here now is the product of some of these traits based. Yeah. Boy, you gotta get lucky and you have to have good scouting. And you hope that's where the giants are heading. And we'll be having this conversation about the giants in about three or four years when those kinds of players mature, and they this Tom Murphy, I think the catcher that they got from Colorado. They flipped him to Seattle for Dominican summer league type player who you know, big arm and all that kind of stuff. So we'll see if they get lucky with it. What's your take on the beginning of the season? So far. A lot of home runs, obviously with the dodgers. Sherzer and degrom Syndergaard today in Strasbourg Toronto. Blue Jays starting pitching Aaron Sanchez today. Join shoemaker and Stroman Tigers can't get any any runs against them. It's been a kind of an interesting start. Yeah. So far, you know, what you've seen is early indications of the teams that really made a concerted effort the offseason. A really played. Well, so far. With the match the Mets got come out of the gate. Great with Syndergaard. And it's been a. A good start when it comes to you know, those teams I thought the Arizona dodgers series. So far has been very interesting especially with that comeback yesterday. And that you know, the dodgers pretty much in the same sort of situation where they were a year ago with even less veggie divisions really wide open to the Rockies to take. Don't you think? Oh, I think it's a great division. I think the National League the whole league, you know, then the American League maybe has the best couple of teams. But the National League is about ten or eleven teams can do. We'll let you run and catch up with you. Enjoy the game today. Okay. Thanks a lot here. That's Barry, bloom, Forbes dot com. I know he's fighting that bronchitis that he's had for part of spring training. So we'll let them go. And and relax. All right. We'll take a break as I said, we could take a couple of calls came be our summer. Your thoughts. About the scoreboard. If you've seen it. I have a couple of thoughts about that. And just a little bit about I like to call so far, you know, thoughts about the team. And I've got a couple of text messages here to to go through as well. I know our contest is going on. We've had a lot of others. Josh, how are you? I've had a lot of guesses on our contests for regional Joe's to get in the pool for the may dinner. I love these dinners ref. I really am mardi gras is coming up next Thursday night at original Joe's and looking forward to that. But the score of today's game and the tiebreaker the number of hits for the giants, and that's eight away came or tweeted and very easily at baseball Marty. We can do that so much more to talk about we'll set up a little more of this game. Craig Elston from the mighty six ninety is going to join us at the bottom of the hour talk a little bit more about this. He's down there, of course in San Diego and talk a little bit more about this series. That's coming up. But boy, you know, I always say we you do this for enough hours, and you do figure something out, and you know, we communicate through radio, we communicate through blogs, text messaging, Instagram watching different shows and. I guess Twitter for some reason Twitter brings out more of the negative feelings. You know, people are comedians. Everyone's gotta gotta take so really just blasting the giants for the first couple of days. But here the calls and hear people talk about it. It is game three of one sixty two. And I think what we do. Learn though, I really do think this of of of trying to force younger players into significant roles on the team. Now, if you have Fred Lynn coming up or you got Tim Lindstrom coming up or you've got will Clark coming up or a new Bobby bonds or Barry Bonds, or you know, those kind of players coming up. You know, you you, you know, even Brandon Crawford took time remember that let the kids play Brandon bell took time. So you really have to put them into situations. The Ken life. The Ken life is putting yourself in a situation where you can succeed, and that's the key. And I think it's sort of forcing this situation right now of putting these kids in situations, maybe that they're not going to succeed, and you have to deal with that. So we'll we'll find out. But as I say, I liked the show because the more we talk about it the more you figure out what people are thinking about. And look opening days coming up. We've got of course, the post game tonight. We've got a long show tomorrow as well for pregame postgame. So on talk a lot about opening days, maybe some of your favorite opening days or what opening day means to you. So we we can work that in at some point but much more to talk about. We see Derek Rodriguez tonight. The most important thing for the giants is to pitch. Well, right now because they're not hitting. So you better pitch. But look they gave up two runs in four runs. And you know, they gave up six runs and scored one. So they're too. But at some point if you pitch like this, and you do get the the bats going because as one of the caller said, I mean, you know, let belt play let Crawford play panicked playland gory. Play Posey play. And eventually they're going to do close to what they what they do. But this is a new year, and they're a year older and baseball's a year younger, and we have to deal with that part of new pitchers and pitcher sewing harder. And all of a sudden we see a kid today. You know, doesn't walk. Anybody strikes out a ton of minor leaguers, of course, when you play against the guy like this. You just want to get him into deep counts. You want to get the pitch count up. You don't want to chase his pitches because you want him to. You know have to work, and that's going to be the key to the game. For me today is make make Nick Margot vicious work a lot, but he gives up hits even to minor leaguers because he doesn't walk people. So that's his thing says I'm going to throw the ball over the plate. Well, you can do that in the lower minor leagues. But as you get into the, you know, the major leagues if you put the ball with the plate, and they hit it it goes somewhere. So let's see what the giants can do with that today. All right more coming up, right? After this on the sports leader talking baseball with mardi Laurie. KNB N B R six eighty the sports leader, they were smoking sections on airplanes in restaurants, and then gradually it got.

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