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Kit Harington Jon snow in game of thrones is thirty three today in the news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm wins our Johnston Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a leadership challenge today from long time rival Gideon so are the B. B. C.'s Barbara Platt usher reports the winner of the challenge will lead the Likud party into a general election this March Mr Netanyahu has campaigned tirelessly even though he's widely expected to win because he wants to win big otherwise it will look like his grip on the party is weakening the prime minister still has solid support in the could despite an indictment on corruption charges but this is the most serious internal challenge he's faced in a decade of power and shows cracks in the parties United front the only contender is Gideon Saar a former cabinet minister he argues that Mr Netanyahu has no chance of forming a government since he failed to do so after two elections in the past year he warns that look could could be sent into opposition following a third vote set for March unless it replaces its leader the BBC's Barbara Clyde usher reporting congressional Republicans and Democrats remain at an impasse over the make up of an impeachment trial in the Senate Democrats are pushing for witness testimony from top trump administration officials Republicans have pushed back on that that say they haven't ruled it out Republican senator Lisa Murkowski says that she's bothered that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would seek total coordination with the White House on the trial I heard what a leader McConnell had said I happen to think that that has further confused the process the house voted to impeach president trump on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress last week in his dealings with Ukraine house speaker Nancy Pelosi says issues with holding the articles until Republicans provide details of their plans for disposal of witnesses and testimony China is set to pass legislation ending an extra judicial system of detention NPR's Emily Fang reports the detention have been used for decades as a way of rounding up sex workers and their clients the legislation is expected to pass Saturday and would outlaw a form of detention called custody in education which allowed authorities detain sex workers for up to two years without a trial NGO reports in the practice detailed allegations from former detainees who said they were physically not treated and forced to do manual labor while in detention most recently a former Hong Kong employee of the British consulate said he was tortured while in custody in education attention on false allegations hit solicited sex Beijing has ended other types of extrajudicial detention in years prior including love gel a type of forced labor for petty criminals and dissidents but critics say new forms of detention of quickly emerged to replace them and we sang and pure news Beijing stocks across Asia traded higher today both the Shanghai composite and it Nikkei averages were up a fraction of a percent this is NPR news the US says it's close to signing an agreement with China finalizing the first phase of a trade deal the Chinese foreign ministry says it's in close communication with US officials in planning a signing ceremony for the deal the trump administration says that it could take place during the first week of January but China has refused to give a specific date multiple insurance providers say they will scale back or stop providing new insurance policies for new coal plants and P. R.'s Rebecca Herscher reports some will also stop underwriting coal mining operations mining and burning coal for electricity in industrial uses generates enormous greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming multiple insurance providers now say they will stop selling insurance policies for new coal plants coal mines and other polluting energy sources such as oil sands and pipeline projects that includes American insurer Chubb which says it will no longer under right new coal plants and will phase out insurance for companies that get more than thirty percent of the revenue from coal operations by twenty twenty two French insurance giant access has.

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