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Included to and I think the rockets had an opportunity in this game. Even though they were playing from behind throughout James harden got hurt. He was scraped in the eye by dream on green dream on apologize. Of course, that makes everything. Okay. And Steph curry. He got hurt. He injured his finger early on. So bullet is left. But then came back and play was there. A was controversy over the foul calls on three point shots. No, not really I thought it was a -ficiating rather. Well, okay. No problem with it. James harden, was fouled on a three point shot attempt because he was fouled on three point shot at them. That's why was called. It was to me was a clear about Al. But the rockets air thought this was interesting because they made a run late third quarter early fourth quarter that got it within three. So it was a basketball game late and a part of that run came without James harden on the floor. They're actually playing well without him out there, but for the Houston Rockets to win this series and to win some games in this series, James Horton's gotta be better. And that's not to sit here and say stunk last night, I scraped and the I was bleeding out of his I was disgusting. Scored twenty nine points in this game. I get it was awful. But if they want to win the series, he's got to be better than good. He's got to be great. And I just and this is while never pick the. Rockets to beat the warriors. I guess until Kevin Durant with the Knicks and the roster looks different James. I don't trust James harden in a big moment. How good I do that. I I'm with you. I would agree with that. He has improved it. He hasn't won a championship. I mean, you know is one finals appearance. He was a bench player really the Oklahoma City. Sure, I get I get it all, and I think the other thing is, and this is a very simplistic thing. But it's true. The Golden State Warriors have a lot of brilliant basketball players or a lot of great sewers. You can't give them extra possessions. If you do that, you're going to lose, right? So if you lose the turnover battle, and you lose the offense rebound, which means you're giving the warriors fourteen fifteen twenty more attempts than you to put the ball in the hoop. You're going to learn because they're better. That's what killed them last night. Too many turnovers and they got beat on the offensive glass. What games you got Toronto in Philly play tonight tonight. Or just Portland against the only game. The only game tomorrow is just Toronto against Phillips game to Portland. That is correct Denver is up one in Denver. The earlier game was Boston Milwaukee and early on a look like you know, what this reminded third quarter in his game. Yes. This year by the of net. Sixers. Yes. At Celtic Al Horford soon agreed on God cough, and in the books just took off seven game series this series, seventy the way, but follows the Brooklyn Philly model the over. Well, it's not it'll be over to fix no fence that your team Celtics, better know, they are. So I see this being a certainly six probably seven ever goes. I do give out Horford a lot of credit. I mean defending yawn is almost an impossible task at this point. He is a guy that's almost impossible to defending Al Horford is not a very solid job of do. I over the first two games. I think the concern is the Celtics in the second half kind of reminded you of the regular season Celtics ton of threes in his game. The walkie like twenty three's in this game. They went twenty for forty seven for was Chris Middleton who had a great year this year. He's a free agent. In fact, most of the boxer free agents except recon us, which is fascinating. But Middleton all star year was lethal from the outside. My buddy brook Lopez. A bunch. The game and the bucks needed that. Obviously, I think more than even just winning some more than just winning winning the most important second most important thing is I think blowing out helped out to win that game. I mean he had to win. You can't go to home. No. But don't feel very good of winning is important. It was the most important thing. I think that invincibility that they had in the regular season. Maybe get that confidence back. That's swagger back dominating them in the second half the way they did. Right. So the box even that series. The warriors are up to. I mean, I expect a rockets they get to get a game back. But I just I can never see them beating the warriors seven game series. I just can't see it and the Portland Denver series. I think will be a lot of fun. I like watching Damian Lillard play even cantor playing right now is actually sort of fun to watch a big role in that Portland team. And the nuggets, you know, they've had a very quietly awesome season. And they've done it with a big man that passes as well. As anybody I've ever seen in the coal joke. It so should be an interesting game tonight and obviously Toronto Phileas series. I do I'll admit I do not care as a very appealing series to me. It's it's complete tossup series. It's very appealing teams have Toronto has been in the playoffs. Allot a recent times. But you know, it's appealing series for two teams that you know, it's been a long time. Phileas wanna championships? Nineteen Eighty-three sizes does appear larannu Celtic book series is appealing to Toronto fills. It's just too soon. I'll watch the reason why I get the reason the other three series. You know, I'll be glued to as far as the islanders are concerned tonight. It's very simple. You have to win. They gotta win. And they got to put the puck into that. Well. That's it. And that was their problem. And it was really their biggest problem throughout the regular season. It's not a new issue. They want a lot of games one this year. Lot of game. Three to a lot of games. One. Nothing. They've had more disallowed goals than goals in the first two games. Winston. I feel confident from your lips to God's the gods win tonight. I hope so they want to extend this series better. You don't wanna go down three. That's I'm sure toll free number eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Trevor's Vernon Trevor Trevor. Hey, guys. Huge fan. About three thousand. You know, big on somebody to they had a problem. So his resonating may not be the best for the all. But I think if the huge personal accomplishment for him to overcome that he went through don't you by getting all even though I don't think he's all the fame didn't use gonna get in. There's a lot of things about CC that makes me want him to be a hall of Famer. But at the end of the day, you gotta look at the resume, and you gotta say does it stack up with the other pitchers that are in the hall of fame, or should it be a resume that goes into the hall of fame? I think he falls a little bit short. But he's a guy that we all routes very likable guy that helps because the media likes him. Yeah. Doesn't help on our end because we don't vote. What it does help doesn't hurt? No, Damian is in queens, Damian. Our you. What's up? Hey, guys, I've been with for a long time. I never felt the need to call before. But I gotta say that chase Butleigh thing. That was totally dirty horrible play. I mean, change baseball. You know, it's terrible play. I can't think of by try not to be by by think that's clouding judgment as to how bad that play. What I don't think. Wilma said, well, he's made no bones about it immediately. Yeah. And he's going to be biased to one of his closest friends who right, right? Look, I think we all try to not be biased because we have teams we root for and so you wanna be as fair as you can if I thought it was a plywood says dirty would I would I like hard baseball. I think most of us. Do we like that the hard takeout slide like all of that all the old school baseball? And while I think the slide of anything was borderline in close to being late. I think over on. I'm watching it right now when off of colognes glove, the flip that the Hotta. I mean, it's it's close to being late. But I just didn't think it was overall that dirty and what really annoyed me about it too. Was how they ruled them safe. Remember that I don't remember that. No, I forget why maybe it's because the ball came out of the hottest hand eventually or something like that or they they reviewed something. But the thing that I came away with most annoyed. Benford Dada getting hurt was the fact that they ended up calling him slate safety ended up reviewing in calling him say. Always to involve with the Dodd. Yeah. Remember now, actually go back out there at second base. I should Huey and Saint Louis. Hey, guys. How are you? What's up? Hey, get the warmer. So at Evan. You're right. I was thinking about that. It was double whammy when utley with safe then to head the broken leg. I remember thinking we lost both ends of that. Call. Yeah. So. Yeah. I remember that very well. The funny thing is bullet and GIO. We're talking about met Dylan's today, and I had the healthy hatred for utley. Obviously, we all think about Chipper, but I think we all had very healthy respect for Chipper. And I fall Chipper on Twitter now, I again, I wish tip. It was that's ugly. I'd ever wish was Chipper. I always there's just something about that guy that I always liked and even though he killed us in you'll for ten years every time he came up. He seemed like he had a home run. You still gotta love that guy. And Wilmer I always thought the story was warmer with David Wright had informed him that he was that. There was talking and being traded. I never heard anything about rumor where we're actually going into the house. We'll get voted always been dated. Maybe maybe now that he's. On the Ross refill free to tell you that. Yeah. I check my phone even though I supposed to but. Yes. So he basically said he he noticed the way the crowd started to treat them that. They started to cheer him a lot more. And I remember, you know, I remember well Joey in Yonkers. Flora's or maybe they were right? Thank show. I remember. We were all giving him a bigger hand. It was a real belong. Right, right. They lost six nothing six to one something of that nature. And so it was one of those games out. You knew they were gonna lose. It was frustrating. Yeah. He was getting a big hand because we're all on Twitter all checking what's going on. And that is on fair for the player. I just trying to have met villains. I mean, Pat burrow, always comes to mind. Yeah. Who you know used to kill him. But I mean when I think one team. Trying to one team. There's so many teams over us. A hated. I think I think the team I probably aided the most as a met fan over all the years how to be the cardinals in the eighties. I mean that team even more. So than a Braves, I mean, it was it was just something. I just couldn't stand him. I mean, it was like nobody liked on at team. Yeah. I felt that way about the Braves though, because you had a manager that always tried to stick. Hers off did too. But isn't this difference? And again, I'm bias didn't experience the Mets ended up getting a laugh because they won the World Series and nineteen Whitey Herzog said it's over in April. They never did that to the brand team. Well, obviously eighty two hundred and was still air. But once the Mets got greedy eighties did make the World Series, but didn't win. All right. So then you feel like the ultimate Victor. And also your team. I really I mean, you know, they eighty eight dodges. I mean, you know, my feeling that sauna..

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