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I feel bad Marine corp. degan william tyler page age twenty three of omaha a die hard chicago blackhawks fan and an animal lover. Page was looking forward to returning home. After his time in the marines to his younger siblings he was their favorite jungle gym and to his friends. He was genuinely happy. Guy you could always count on after finishing his enlistment degan plan to come home and go to a local trade school. possibly to become a lineman. He was raised in omaha where he was a member of the boy scouts. He joined the marines right out of high school and he will always be remembered for his tough outer shell and giant heart I can see that die. Based on his picture everything that was described. It like it fits. You look like that is gonna be alignment he like. He has that very signature. Chiseled jaw to learn when you think of what a marine looks like in a commercial. That guy like we're. He has a strong jaw line and all that next up. We have marine corps umberto sanchez. Whose twenty. Two from. Logan sport indiana heat before sanchez joined the marines. He was known in his hometown for making people laugh. You was the light that was on twenty four seven kennedy rickard. Who attended the school. Who went to school with him. hold on. Let me fucking started. I was gonna say 'cause you kinda like. I hate the way they like pronouns. Antecedents and shit like that and newspapers. They wide speak like that. Nobody reads like that. Okay rio next that. We have marine corps corporal umberto sanchez. Who was twenty two years old. And from logan's point indiana. Before i joined the marine. He was known in his hometown from making folks lasts people that he went to high school said that he was a light that was on twenty four seven and the fifth grade sanchez's some of his friends entered a singing competition to perform beyond says all the single as complete with the signal dance moves. They won and nobody else came close remembered. That's the kind of person umberto was. He was constantly joking constantly laughing constantly trying to make people smile. You know without question. One of his leaders at some point saw that video and absolutely roasted him about it. But if you win you win. I mean it's hard to row somebody for a single ladies video when you're the winner really is this sounds like the king of the smoke pit. Yeah exactly anyone on around twenty. And i wanna hear because i know for a fact people that were in theater and people that sang sang at church and things like that. You were good cadence callers. I would like to hear these these those doing cadence absolutely all right. Who's next state marine corps lance corporal. Jared schmitz h twenty of winston missouri earlier friday..

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