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Morning good afternoon or good evening. Hey we'll Schreiner here your host of the Johnny Carson Show podcast and boy. We've got a big name. Today's show Jerry Seinfeld. Who whatever happened to him now? He was a comedian. Started out in the late seventies and Rocketed the probably one of the most successful Sitcom careers ever as well as a continually working comedian out every other weekend still standing up and making people laugh. I got a lot of stories about Jerry. I've known him a long time today. Shows it was pretty good. We've got a good monologue is Jokes about the fruit fly the Mediterranean fruit fly from Johnny Course. Johnny comes out and I can't see it but doc I guess is wearing one of his traditionally allowed Alfredsson. Johnny has a pretty good Reaction to that there are some jokes Faraday or Dr Charles and Diana and the Queen and there's also a bit about the post office and how. How many letters get lost in the mail? There's mentions of Reagan's travels abroad. And even the baseball strike. Johnny's got a good joke about the Japanese Scratching getting themselves so it's a monologue and at the end Johnny Introduces Jerry as a brilliant and very clever comedian before I get into Jerry's monologue let me tell you a little bit something if you don't know and I'm sure everybody knows a lot about Jerry Seinfeld. But his Sitcom that he co wrote and created with Larry. David ran from eighty nine tonight. One thousand nine hundred ninety eight and it's rumored that they offered him five million dollars an episode for season ten and he turned it down. I admire his his ability. Say No to money money. It's something I've never learned but I have had many great experiences with Jerry Seinfeld. I don't know where to begin. I met Jerry when I came to Los Angeles. I guess I was in New York in nineteen eighteen. Eighty doing the comic strip and the punchline comic Strip and the Improv when Jerry I came to Los Angeles he chose the Improv. The comedy store as a place to work out material but Freeman Freeman. Knew Him from New York so he took a good liking to Jerry. Was One of these guys. You took notice right away clean. Charming Charisma Matic With tremendous confidence. If there's anything about Jerry that I would say. His confidence on stage was was admirable and unlike so many others. It wasn't arrogance. It was just confidence. I got to work with Jerry many times times the Improv and Jerry. I came to Los Angeles. He had a small part on Benson which was a Robert Jones Sitcom and guess. It didn't go so well. Just I read a story where Jerry said. He came in for the table. Read and there was no script for him because he was fired. That's just another one of many examples of how tough show business can be on you. Jerry and Jay. Leno were fast friends. Jim J. lived up Nichols Canyon. A lot of people hung out. J.'s House Arsenio Hall Many of us road motorcycles together Rick Overton a bunch of US would ryder motorcycles. Out on the weekends and go after the rocks door or whatever we would do on the motorcycles but it was always great fun and although never a motorcycle Guy Jerry was a car guy he he loved cars particularly porsches. I used to fly out of Santa Monica Airport and there was a hanger. Cross the way that had about. I don't know one hundred fifty to one hundred porsches in it and I asked somebody. WHO's a was Jerry Seinfeld? I never saw him hanging out much at the hanger but I saw the cars with the door open and he had some classic classic Cars I guess. Maybe that's the basis of Comedians in cars with coffee. Now Jerry and I got to work together on numerous occasions my favorite Memory was we're around a thousand seat theater and around Saint Louis. It was called the Westport playhouse. I think it was called into it. Was the bill was Paula. poundstone will Schreiner Jerry Seinfeld. And and Larry Bud Melman well show is going to be probably me Pala Jerry in Larry Bud but Larry Bird didn't have much of an act and we realized that quickly so the show show was reconfigured to have Larry the MC and then introduced the three of us into a half an hour and around it was. I still have the poster my garage. It's one of my favorite advert shows. All three of us were fired on all cylinders and it was a great time to be working together. When you work together you get to hang out together? We had meals and we you know sat in the dressing room and Kipton laughed. and Oh there's one of my great memories of of doing a stand up show with Jerry Jerry and I were young comedians and we were on the MERV Griffin show in Las Vegas. I don't know it might've been like nine hundred eighty one or two or three somewhere in there. I don't remember the exact year but bill cosby was also on the show that that day and Jerry and I they were in the makeup room or the green room talking and bill said Hey. Would you guys like to come over to my dresser room tonight. He was at the Hilton with David. Copperfield and Would you like to come over the dressing room and talk about comedy now Bill Cosby. He's got a bad reputation today but he loved to To help young Comedians and we sat in his dressing. We were from six o'clock to eight o'clock listening to bill. Tell us about secrets. Giving US insight given us. You know all the vice he could he could share about standup comedy. At eight o'clock rolled around. He said you guys want to go up and watch David Copperfield. We go no no we. We want to stay in the dressing room with you as long as you'll have us and we sat there for another half Hour Arwa. Copperfield went on and bill got dressed and went off and did a show and we went back and watched it and it was. It was just you know it was. It was a treat. It was a rare. I wish I said Jerry. Two years ago later I said you remember all this stuff cosby told us she says no but it was all great. I'm sure it you know it's I'm sure it incubated into our psyche someway. That's one of the great experiences I said. I wish I would have had a tape recorder for and now ladies and gentlemen he Johnny You don't you don't you. Don't fool me you're not applauding. You're trying to swat fruit flies. Mediterranean fruit flies are running amok in California. You got here just in time you might have down. I'm for the fruit flies season. You give you a little tip. COME BACK in March. That's when the.

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