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Man. Counting. As Tom Riley told us, he's the personification of evil on earth at the JC, Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's NewsRadio five thirty one on. This to say residents in Lee county, Alabama continue sifting through the debris of their destroyed homes this afternoon at least twenty three fatalities have been reported more injuries since damaging tornadoes touched down on Sunday. A number of twisters were reported across the state of Alabama Georgia and Florida amid a severe weather outbreak across the southeast over the weekend. President Trump says he plans to get a firsthand look at the destruction. We get more from ABC's. Karen travers. President Trump says he'll travel to Alabama on Friday following the deadly tornadoes that hit the state over the weekend. It's been a tragic situation. But a lot of good work is being done. Twenty three people were killed including four young children when powerful tornadoes ripped through county, Alabama on Sunday. This was the highest tornado death toll in the US since two thousand three. Thirteen. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Meanwhile, the president is criticizing House Democrats for investigating him accusing them of playing political games as he signed an executive order aimed at reducing veterans' suicides. The president called the latest democratic leading Corey a disgrace to the country. I'm not surprised that it's happening. Basically, they've started the campaign. The House Judiciary chair has requested documents for more than eighty people and entities associated with Mr. Trump to probe. Whether he's obstructed Justice. Abused his power or benefited financially from his office. The president says he'd rather see Democrats focus on legislation actually things that we agree on like infrastructure, but they wanna focus on nonsense. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House. Still to come on WBZ new details emerging in the case of Jesse.

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