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It supports a healthy colon on top of all of that. And a great new study at the University of Hawaii, talking about vitamin D and colon health. I mean, who thinks of those things, right? Yeah, That's amazing. So I think it's a welcome addition to this amazing formula to co Q super boost formula. In addition to that, I said to Jan. Look, we should put some B 12 in here as well. It's called Kabbalah Man. And I say that because B 12 converts the carbohydrates and proteins and fats that you're eating. Converts them right into energy. And this is all about energy and well being. Now I know you like to say, until you try this unique combination of the 100 MG of CO Q 10, the advanced resveratrol the way you find them impurities coke, you super boost formula that you won't know what you're missing. But explain what you mean by that. Well, I want you to experience it. I mean, I know you've heard about how co Q 10 and resveratrol and B 12 and vitamin D, And by the way, there's even some vitamin A in this amazing formula, how they all work together. To create what I call the environment of energy in your body, not only physical energy mark, but mental energy, endurance and stamina. I mean, who wouldn't? I mean, raise your hand. If you don't want energy, endurance or stamina. Everybody wants it. Absolutely. I mean, come on, and this is a great way to do that. And I said Jan, you know, let's tell them about it. And let's let them experience it for themselves. Well, absolutely. This has been fascinating. But Dr President for people who are tuning in late how about a quick recap here? What exactly is CO Q is very Call super formula Who needs it? And why is this In your opinion, the next generation of coke, you supplementation. And how does purity is free bottle offer work? Well, look, I think there's a distinct advantage to having energy, endurance and stamina. And if we were going to isolate the nutrients and create what we would call a daily essential and somebody gave me the assignment list the top five or six nutrients that we need to literally give us energy. To build endurance to build stamina. I would list of following nutrients Co Q 10 Resveratrol B 12 and vitamin Day. This is the advantage that we're speaking about. And rather than going out and buying all four or five of these different nutrients. You get them all in one with the co Q daily super boost And the idea behind this is you Take two a day. You see how it works for a month and you'll find that you're going to be on the phone calling to order more because you're going to have a lot more energy. Just make sure you're in that 1st 1000 of the day today and get a free offer that we've been talking about, Dr Pressman. Always a huge pleasure. Always interesting talking with you. Thanks so much for joining us today marks my pleasure. Well, I appreciate it now. One more time. Have that pencil and paper handy. Write this number down. It's 1 800. 71363331.

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