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Right, so we're gonna pick this game. Nick Smith. What are we gonna, you know, next myth is this is a big moment for him, frankly, you know, having come back just a short while ago, and another potential top 5 pick, Arkansas, has not been a reliable team on the road. You said it was 8, I will pick Arkansas. We have picked all these, by the way, check out that CBS sports app. We do have our picks also on the site. We try and make the picks on the pod match the ones on the site. That doesn't always happen. So adventure for you. Full adventure. You know, I think last week I had on the podcast I had Kentucky plus four and on the site I had Tennessee minus two. Let's play in the middle. It was funny was I think it was last week. We're gonna give the semi occasional shout out to Seth Davis, dedicated podcast listener. And he sometimes, you know, texts us over the course of listening to an entire episode. Yes, Seth, we're putting it out there. Because you know what? We need people to know you're all in on the show. And I think it was last weekend where he was like, GPA GP, I agree. You took this and you were like, no, I didn't take that. Now, he's like, I listen to the show. You just picked me. So even then, after the fact she's like, no, I don't think you got it right, Seth and says, I just listened to you. You did just pick this thing. Whatever you want. I don't know what I'm doing. So that in mind, I will take Arkansas inside of that number. I expect this to be a pretty competitive game. Again, Alabama would have lost a South Carolina. They go back home, Tuscaloosa will certainly be an interesting scene, but give me must raise her backs to be inside of 8 points. This could be a game that features the two the first two college players selected in the 2023 NBA draft. Brandon Miller at Alabama Nick Smith junior at Arkansas, both are coming off monster games, Brandon Miller got 41 points, as you know, at South Carolina. Nick Smith coming off a 26 point effort against George. I think Alabama wins the game. I will take Arkansas to cover. Numbers a little too big. Arkansas plus the 8. Game two, Saturday, 2 p.m. eastern number 8, Texas. At number 9 Baylor inside the hook center. You can watch it on ESPN Kim pom has it. Baylor minus two. I will go. I think this is the toughest of the 5 on the board. I will say Baylor responds, gets it done. The defense man, I don't know if

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