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Help us find our way from maps and compasses to phones and GPS But coming up next on crowd science listen to Pam wants to know what happens when we leave the surface of the earth entirely and try to navigate in space Which way is left when your nearest landmark is a million miles away We speak to experts in astrophysics spacecraft navigation and interstellar wayfinding BBC News with Chris barrow President Biden has agreed in principle to hold a summit with his Russian counterpart to discuss Ukraine In a TV interview the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said President Biden was willing to meet Vladimir Putin at any time in any format if that can help prevent a war An international investigation by reporters into the banking giant credit Swiss appears to show that its accounts held assets worth billions of dollars on behalf of clients with links to crime The journalists found that the Swiss bank held millions of dollars for heads of state businessmen subject to sanctions and alleged human rights abuses from across the world Credit Suisse says it strongly rejects the allegations Australia has opened its borders to the outside world for the first time in two years fully vaccinated travelers will finally be allowed into the country without quarantine as it eases some of the world's strictest COVID travel rules but one state Western Australia will remain closed until March 3rd Protests broke out in cities across Morocco on Sunday against rising prices and to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the launch of a major reform movement February 20th was a pro reform and anti corruption group born out of the Arab Spring uprisings that rocked the Middle East in 2011 The Dominican Republic has begun the construction of a new barrier along part of its border with Haiti the barrier will be much taller than the current fence and will be equipped with cameras and lights And the British entrepreneur and YouTube star Jamal Edwards has died at the age of 31 He was the founder of sbtv an online urban music platform which helped launch the careers of artists such as Ed Sheeran skepta and Dave I'm Chris barrow and for now That's the latest BBC News Can you see the sun I can see the sun in the bottom half of the mirror yeah Okay so then swing the arm of the device Which is this thing Yeah until the sun kisses the horizon It's a glorious day off the south coast of England and the conditions are perfect for a trip out to sea So now I would say that the sun is pretty much bang on the horizon It's now it's in the sea Okay Back up This is crowd science from the BBC World Service where it's our job to work out the answers to your science questions I'm Anna and Jagger and this is me standing on the deck of a boat in open water with my producer Caroline and we're trying to figure out where on earth we are Lost the sun Oh there it is I found it I've lost it I found it Now I've lost it again This is not going to be a speedy process everyone Luckily we're not lost we're conducting an experiment to see if we can figure out our exact latitude and longitude using nothing but the sun and a small mechanical device As you can probably hear it's quite hard.

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