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One on this Friday morning on AM tip of bay I'm Felix they get in for Jack Harris on the errant Jacobson Jeff Gordon all and Natalie Cole you're rocking out some funky seventies music. trying to get a movie that means to. from your strap. London. ever brown used to be one of us come on yeah enjoying this. yeah. we're gonna take a break from from Aaron's musical interlude here and take a turn to Evan brown fox news radio correspondent Evan we're talking about this topic about hoping Kerrey open carrying weapons and now public's is gotten on board asking customers not to open Kerry even in states that allow it like Alabama and Georgia what is the latest on this issue because we saw Walmart last week we saw another number of different chains Walgreens Wegman's Kroger get involved in this is asking the same question but you really can't force people not to do that so tell us more about this well actually you can you know private property rights will trump second amendment right to have a right to say you can't have a gun on my property or you can't have a gun you know if you can't openly carry it on my property because my property so publics in these other stories are really well within their rights to do this what they can't do or you know or what what did what can happen is use you trying to test that policy they'll ask you to leave the have you arrested for trespassing if you refuse so you they are within their rights it you know it and your public's is obviously a very low widespread chain of of gum supermarkets here here in Florida you you see them every five blocks and here in Florida the open carry issues a non issue because we don't allow open carry Georgia for instance they allow permanent open carry I well now they're saying the public says you can't do that in our store they haven't said you can't concealed Kerry right there store Walmart has the same Housley. what's that and Walmart as same policy they're not saying you can't Walmart has the same problem right now saying that that you you you know you you're we're not saying you can't conceal Kerry just that you cannot openly carry of course what's your law enforcement and like it okay in that case you know we we hope they do but yeah and of course it's never it's never okay to walk around with a firearm in your hand because that's that's against the law yeah that's branching so you. really the root is this actually affect well it may affect people in Georgia I think Alabama Berg you know about you know who who may have been in the practice of openly carrying while going shopping for a lot of people it's really not that big of a deal for a lot of people who do openly carry if they pull the shirt down over the the over the holster is that might be enough to be considered conceal carry everything fine so if it affects I think very few people that a yeah but there are plenty of people who have force responded to my initial tweet about this yesterday you want little nuts and said that while I'm done now we know where the the the mass shooters will go now we know I won't I won't shop there if I can't defend myself well if you can't defend yourself with a concealed carry that you know that I don't know what you know what else to expect is it interesting debate because we were talking about last night at PM Tampa Bay and I'm obviously doesn't affect us here in Florida but you'd be interesting to see are people going to just honor the request as opposed to feel like they're being forced to do something that they don't necessarily what have to do one in another part of the country Evan brown fox news radio correspondent thank you so much for joining us on and Tampa Bay this morning appreciate it you're welcome. seven forty five on this Friday morning that's head over to Chris Trippin and check of the headlines two students are hurt after a fight that led to six arrests in Tampa the fight broke out at Middleton high school one of the students arrested is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer two students were taken to the hospital their injuries not believed to be serious a poll county mom is outraged over a violent incident caught on tape at her son's school Lauren spring field of Lakeland took to Facebook this week after her son was beaten by a classmate in the locker room at Blake academy video shows her twelve year old son who has a kidney problem being need in the stomach thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched Springfield rights it's inexcusable there was no adult supervision she wants to know what steps the schools taking to protect her son some criminals have no shame the Pinellas county man with limited mobility is dealing with what he calls a devastating loss Amos Kennedy of Clearwater had is ease scooter stolen from his porch on Labor Day weekend the sixty three year old can't walk far uses a cane the scooter gives them the means to go to the grocery store and laundry mat he says he feels even more disabled than he already was hi Chris strength and news radio WFLA knowledge explores. WFLA sports. forty five ninety five three W. D. A. N. A. M. six twenty sports center on there and Jacob said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a huge dot that the end of the game to beat the Carolina Panthers last night and Thursday night football twenty to fourteen in Carolina the Bucks are now one and one on the season they had back home the Raymond James stadium next Sunday they take on the New York Giants the Tampa Bay rays fell for the second straight night for the Texas Rangers on the road they lost six to four and they dropped two of three in that three game series up next for the rays they start a three game series tonight in LA they take on the angels at nine OO five the USF bulls are in action tomorrow they look to bounce back from two straight losses to open their season there at home to take on S. C. state by the clock kick off time the Tampa Bay rowdies right hold their at Aling stadium tomorrow take not Atlanta United to they start.

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