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And the doctor and colin raye and then the junk conman came across to have Our own body. They were void but we kept our word a map. We didn't have taken to keep everybody safe. I've heard you call him the muhammad ali of the ufc. That's obviously a very big statement. You say that because of his his fame his his impact or did you say that really because of a striking like do you see similarities. Between him and mohammed ali let similarities between similar between muhammad ali. In the name. He has his biggest name of mohammad-ali all over the world on over the worth is is now been a lot of people. Don't know what he's doing. A lot of different kids like have happened. hospital So many thousand pounds worth a mask. Four celebrity to do that in orland right to supply angola south delivers jonathan anger on the south and the liberty to gown the maths and and the globes and about two thousands upon thousands of pounds to give to home at hospitals opo combs and he was wanted to forced the ball rolls Someone else did someone else. He was one of the northern so with antastic to be generous unease. Generous is a shared on the wealth. that type of going in any like i'm not blown off leg debuts. If he was sitting here he's just connor and he goes into the public or mcgregor. Time wendy's here. I'm in our chats with the kid playing around on his train and he's just i mean when he goes to the public is mcgregor is conor mcgregor shoulders on the chin goes and he is putting on the show because he's a great showman to innocent joan. You don't get to be conor mcgregor very easily. You know you have to put the work. And as i said now with the team that he's built around them you have to remember connor bills a team around but if not going to be any good. You don't last. that long. Doesn't think that you're going to be there for him. Right for him. To for his enlightenment. Deloitte and honor scale on his art and his businesses. You have to remember. He has so many businesses at the. Keep on top of all of these right. He has good man as an accountant. They're guarantee allen geraghty twenty four seventy everybody walking twenty four seven. Look me on the phone to you. Twenty seven now. We know we're not going to get called tonight can have a beer because these training their name me can relax so much. Tv stay in our covert world day. You know what i mean again. That's what it is in the cold war. Now in its is i don. What is too hard or is. It's true but i people getting in i mean there's people getting Thank god there is people get sick no one seems to have the flu anymore are bronchitis ovitz. I mean there's a lot of problems at home to. Soy is lots of teams bone on a who closing the gyms Kids getting into trouble. Israel is a lot of boylans a home lake in america at the moment we have. We pocketed home as well. All right so again you can get that entire conversation. Plus my entire conversation with mac. Hallway calvin cater dan hooker and a whole bunch of other stuff over on the espn eh mate youtube channel. I do believe it is the best. Mma youtube channel out there tons of great content eclectic mix of stuff. It's a lot of fun. So check that out again. A ufc back on saturday twelve pm eastern espn plus holloway cater main cards three pm eastern on abc. Like i said something for everyone on this card. Some some interesting names. The return of joaquin buckley. That's very exciting. Be return of santiago a nubia. We have not seen him for quite some time. And he's still a top guy at one seventy so. I'm looking forward to seeing how he looks Conduct brown is a fun fight as well as my music. Plays over here holloway cater. I mean there's just so much. There's so much phil hawes. I'm looking forward to his return. So that goes down this saturday. And i do want to remind all of you that we've got the vip of the hell wani show this coming tuesday. That's january nineteenth at seven pm eastern. It's a live show just for vip's will have a little trivia for you we'll get you set for Mcgregor poor you also have a special guest say longtime friend of the program will be joining us as well. If you wanna sign up for it. It is free. Just go to bit dot l. y. b. i t. dot l. y. slash helwan island all lower case to a want to part one of course summer. This is part two so go. Check that out. Bit dot l. y. slash halawani island to also reminder please continue to rate download scribe and reviewed to this podcast feed. It helps us out greatly. We appreciate it very much. We love the reviews. We love the comments. Here's one from someone named gramercy. Ten left the five star review and This man or woman boy or girl wrote the c. In hawaii show has definitely been the highlight of the sierra. I've not missed an episode and have looked forward to every monday. Because of you guys can wait to see what you guys have planned for. Twenty twenty one neither can i. It's going to be a great year. I am looking forward to it. I can't wait. And i'm out of time all right. So enjoy the pfizer saturday. We will be back next week of course to talk about them all also on the bad guys back on thursday on. Espn plus is still got a lot of stuff. Also going to be a in show.

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