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Of the of the decision to use the animals union president dennis more told the battle creek inquirer the goats were taking jobs that would otherwise be performed by way of laborers wrong i guess i get that but these goats eat poison ivy did over they do the goats can poison ivy they don't care they don't care if you've played with a goat buddy minute i'm still has been million years but he had a number of goats on his house at his house and we'd go over there the goats were so much fun another buddy my head goats on grass slick and there was the last to hang out with just a blast i mean 'cause they they play their look a little dogs running around asked me takes i hope these guys aren't going to harmonise go juninho union workers can be when they get though say pistole asked me a takes did you see them in lansing at the right to work or yet rumor now they were tricalm people around and thrown our wait around and not one state police officer arrested any of them one streaming apps me to ex protecting the jobs of its members very seriously well we know the legal her sudden your bed they will leave a horse or goaded in your bed we have an agreed upon a collective bargaining agreement with the western with western michigan university this is interesting i wonder how this would play out in a court of law that go took our job as a judge going to side with the golden side with the union member i dunno university denied that it had violated the labour rights of its workers emphasized the goats were limited in use the animals were hired to clear a small woodland segment hired guess they're being run out from a farmer would one second of poison ivy an invasive species rather than cut the grass the job reserved to maintenance crews are that belonged to asked me now i think this is a good idea i don't know maybe the union workers should have thought about this in the first place and said we are going to hire some goats in order to committed have take care of the poisoning not making this.

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