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I believe i saw them in the left yet mattie pepperoni and mark davidson so wow. I'm honored because those guys are superstars. Danny oh and stacy lyn daredevil. Dave shipley steelers pittsburgh. George tested daredevil. Joseph brown just brown. I have to put this up there. So i can really going tonight nieces favourite. We don't always agree. But you are the realist. Wow i'm realist. Some people say. I'm a too optimistic simple sam to to negative. I don't know what i am. But but i guess if mashed together i'm a realist. Thank you joseph. So it was thirty. Six joins us. So let's get started. Shall we and i want to talk about as the title suggests. Is the big quoting. The week was from canada. I believe it was on tuesday. Mark does every every news outlet every blog every every steelers. anything posted. the. We're going to do what ben wants to do. Quote from matt candidate was about a minute long quote actually that he gave At at his press conference during minicamp and of course it was people always accused behind the curtain. A lot of sites of click bait and think they never clicked is when i say that. But in this case this debate this people going to elicit a response and People that go i. I can't believe they're caving. The benz demands met canada. Where they bring him in for he's just a puppet they actually said those words but that was the sentiment but i knew right away before i even watched mad canada's interview that this was taken out of context but it's not exactly what he meant. You know he was an going. Well what am. I even doing here at the end of the day. We're going to let them rothlisberger do what he wants. That's not what he meant. And i knew it wasn't what he meant. And when i when. I listened to the whole thing when i read the whole thing in its entirety. I was proven right. That's not what he meant what he basically meant. Meaning that canada. He meant that at the end of the day once. They formulate this new philosophy of his whatever that turns out to be. We have a general idea. It's going to focus on running and and jet sweeps and motion and this and that and the other at the end of the day they're gonna they're gonna find what works best for ben rothlisberger. What he's most comfortable with. And that's what you're gonna do by and large and why wouldn't they. He's been freaking rothlisburger. He's been in a league. Is your number. Eighteen is a hall of fame. Quarterback went through super bowls. He's been to three. He's he's throwing for sixty thousand yards in his career two touchdowns to one or maybe three to four touchdowns interception ratio. I forget what it is a three two one two two one. I i did last week. Anyway why wouldn't they do that. why would they. Why would anybody think that ben rothlisberger even though he took a pay cut even though he may only has one year left. Why did anybody think day would totally overhaul the offense and make it so confusing for him that he has to learn everything from scratch. That just would not make good business sense at this stage if they if they want to win than they wouldn't do that and if they wanted to start from scratch totally from scratch and put a force feed their quarterback everything that they want. They mad candidates offense to be. Then they probably wouldn't have brought back a have made any sense so i. It's only natural that. You're gonna want your veteran quarterback. You're thirty nine year old quarterback guy who's accomplished so much in the league. It only makes sense. You're going to want him to be comfortable. And you're going to want him to do things that that that he's one. He's he's That are his strengths. You're going to want to cater to his strengths. Though you're trying to the tweak and change the offense when it when when they brought mad ken and when they when they got rid of randy fisher eight and do so because they were looking to start from scratch. They did so because they wanted to improve. Upon last year in how last year ended in how it how predictable everything became by the last seventy eight weeks and how offense went from one that was scoring thirty points a game to some weeks. They were lucky if they if they got out of the know wanted. They wanted to to tweet to fix it to become more unpredictable. Become more creative to candy said in that press conference the other day to create better matchup problems for the opposing defenses. That's what the goal was in. My opinion was to just get better not to start over. So if you're in the market if you're in the market for the business getting better than you don't you. Don't ask your your Hall of fame quarterback is start over at just again. It just wouldn't make any sense and this is. This is the same thing ten years ago when they got rid of. Ben's real buddy bruce arians. I don't know if fitted him were best. Buds like big. Ben and arians were probably still are But when they got rid of. Va ten years ago. Or i guess. Nine years ago technically A lot of people thought it was gonna be that way with todd. Haley he was gonna come in. And and you know. Be this this taskmaster with a then thirty year old quarterback ben roethlisberger and yeah. He was he he had to tweak his game and he got better but it didn't. It didn't radically changed the offense. They changed some elements of it. They ask him to get the ridable quicker. But they didn't make him Become a totally different quarterback than what he was comfortable being and they're not gonna do that this year either. They're just not so. I saw that quote again to repeat. I knew exactly what it meant. And i knew it was taken out of context and in i knew i knew what matt canada's was trying to convey there and that's they were gonna they were gonna create an offense that ben was comfortable most companies. They were going to change it a little bit but they were going to tweak it. They weren't going to overhaul it And you know he also wasn't saying that that that Whatever benoit's ben do he meant in the framework of his system whatever benz comfortable with. They're going to go with. And why and again. why whitney. So that's the first thing i wanted to touch on. I think it's pretty a pretty Straightforward and. i think it's indicative of of this time of year. You know we're just. We're just searching for news..

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