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Pat brown profiling dot com her website and the panthers of people who've been waiting to uh to offer they're thought so i'd like to give them a chance to do so then we'll get into further discussion with you that okay our required all right the basil calls in from long key florida hello finally it to you i take a different view it it it to me people want to continue what what work yet today but what work yet they may not work anymore what do you mean by what works work yesterday may not work anymore what act in fact about which so politically correct that will allow people like maxine waters who is willing to gate eight hundred two hundred thousand to follow it god knows where data you go she has she has always spoken and very inflammatory terms that is correct within the confines of the first to bed but at her her status as a member of congress about exactly sure what we could quote do about that ideally of course her constituents would thrower out of office as but to be at the corruption charges little bit brought up against her or inflammatory tone they don't feel that way so i don't really know of any way that a free society can deal with a maxine waters except to grit our teeth a bearer of basil no remember the truck driver with pulled out permit eighteen wheeler and go ahead would have written with nearly you well there been such incidents like that but i remember something like that so what about it it's a bad thing other than that what about that guided good to be what we went to the person that oh i could well all right so that social that air responsible twit i don't deny that but again are you suggesting that we lockup irresponsible it's basil look i wanted to do so i gotta go to jail but because we don't you if you're in irresponsible twit what law if you up either basil i will tell you what i am thinking appeal give me a second what are you thinking at the time it approaching way turkmen leader i have to make the mine i i'll tell you what i'm thinking basil.

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