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Do the same at issue with a new law SP, fourteen twenty one that opens up certain police records to public records act requests police unions challenged philosophy saying it should not be applied retroactively to records of past police misconduct are USA force. But should only affect new records superior court. Judge. Charles tweet disagreed denying a request for a court order to block the release of records under the new law. Instead, he put a ten day hold on release records in order to give time for police unions to appeal his ruling Kathleen as a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties union of northern California and intervene in the lawsuit was a historic change in an police transparency and an opening up these records for the first time families are going to have answers about the quality of the investigation that police are doing into the police officers who kill members of of our community, and they're going to have. And chance to find out about sustained findings of misconduct. So it's a really important law, and we're happy we're having today for the ruling, which we believe was the right view. Right right, rolling in view of the law. Judge tweets ruling marks the first time a judge has ruled on the new law, but there are more than a dozen other lawsuits on the issue in other courts, mainly in southern California judge tree thrilling is likely to be appealed perhaps ultimately to the California Supreme Court. So in a broader sense, it's not over yet. David Snyder is director of the first amendment coalition and intervene in the case. The judge reach the right legal answer, which is that SP.

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