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Chris is in Williamstown. What's up, Chris Steve? How do you forget two thousand and eight you know, cordless were running out to the mound. Brad lidge. Breaking down on his knees. I mean that will forever live in infamy in Philadelphia sports Powell doing I'm good. How are you? Happy new year. The last caller is a commune Notre trying to explain or whatever he was getting at. I do not think it was on Jeffrey. I don't think this is on Jeffrey Lorena rozema as much as it is on the players to get healthy and get back on the field and contribute for this team. How many of these players are coming out? Sean differ. Didn't come back to a week four. Carson Winston come back two weeks. Three like this team had no jail time whatsoever. And we expect them to go out there and just do it. Right. They did last year. Like, I'm doing it. One. Now, they are in that first churches five year is five games of the season like open. So the by they look like a completely different thing. Like the first year equals team out there, and you have talent like it. I think it shows how wet by New Year's micro was the beginning of the season, and how far east come right now to where you know, he he's really kind of coming into his own and he's figuring out. Okay. I had this is this and how do I use it to po-point up on the board? And he's found ways with Doug Peterson to get it done. And you know, what it has taken time for them to jail themselves as coaches and modern tendencies or one another, and, you know, burn when you know, maybe you don't listen to them. Or when you do. I mean, you're right. They are clicking at the right time. But I think there's so many other things that were behind the scenes that you know, I it's kind of the reason they're that good. You think grow is? What made no I think the the equal talent of coaching and players on the field has, you know, now having your guys back healthy and having them Joe and having them back to that low. You did when you were going into the playoffs last year they had their minds at that point. So to have that is dangerous, and you know, they need a dial up blitz. It's as simple as that. You can't went drew Brees. If Michael Ben is questionable. That means. He might not be a hundred percent. And he might be look I think Michael better. We'll give one hundred ten percent out of the way. But you know, you need to get pressure on breeze. He can't have all days back there in a pari because then guys like Comoro and Ingram to just gonna gain separation on whoever there's there is covering them. And they're going to get to where he just gets it out to the mirror. They are like you can't have that. So they it is. It is a horrible that they get pressure on on drew Brees. Now, I said that Roma they need a breeze. That's the only way you win this game. They have to get the catches. We'll see what happens. All right. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four quick break. Ron from Scottsdale is coming up. Give me the best endings of sports WIP sports time is to forty two sports radio ninety.

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