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He came over to trade from LA dumps the puck along the right boards hawk zone. Seabrook Texas away snaps it down ice right onto the a Riley inside the zone to Muslim leaf line left wing. Kennedy had to Connor Brown at the hawk blue line. We get a whistle. The leaf Sarah sides on this play with three thirty one left in the third and five three hawks. Babcock. Conversation for ten seconds ago with his coaching staff talking about what they want to try and get cared. Sparks onto the ice. Lots of pressure coming from right now lots of traffic in front of the net. Blackhawks better job of getting those shooting lanes don't allow the shots to get through. Lots of movement for Toronto right now in the offense zone Morgan Riley out the there goes sparks to the leaf bench. The Leafs are going to go forward early here. Three twenty left on the clock. Six attackers on an empty net. Dominant goon along the left boards hawk zone. Chips it through the air to center ice age semi Pat lost Arner back into the hawk zone to the right circle. Bothered all the way to the right wing corner. Turns fed the right circle cadre off his stick to who took the puck missing on a pass ahead for Kane. Kane racing. Speech Riley negating the came with a puck along. Put it down on the left wing corner. Leave empty net. Anisimov turns and fire similar boards blocked by Taveras Harrison behind the net. Puck by Kane. On top of the last circle fed it over to the right wing boards and ISA mock tried to poke it down to the corner picked up by Taveras put it ahead of the left wing Marlow Taveras with the puck at center ice, flip it in over the hawk blue. I for cadre picked up by Gus tries it around the glass kept into the line by merit to fires. Over the line to center ice. Hanes E pack still playing with an empty net to twenty two left in the third Merrington hawk line left wing. Tried to drive the puck into the hawk zone. Deflects McCain on the right wing to center ice took at civilly fly. He was knocked off as he won handed the puck down toward the nap. But missed Harrison in the near corner leaves put it behind the league met Rienzi approaching the two minute Mark on the clock for the third period. Haynes e centered on the center, ice circle dalstrom intercepts fed it to the leaf line picked up by Merrington moves it over along the right side at center ice folded down toward the hawk net. Piggyback. And now here's a shot by Matthews top of the right circle. That miss that loose puck in the left wing corner. Johnson knocked off the puck, but Matthews took it backfires. Stopped in front of the hawk net, Colin deal, you got a piece of it knocking it into the crease. And it was cleared out of there. You get a whistle stopping play. As one of the lease was crowding, the crease Trevor more practically fell into Colin deal. You get a whistle stopping play. And I believe a face off in the hawk zone. That was a tough shift there, right? Carl dalstrom me just really struggled kept losing the puck. Couldn't find the handle real dirt us out there. I don't know a couple of opportunities to make some plays in. They just didn't make those plays. Both teams have their time. Available to them. As it stands right now. Look at over at the least bench. No timeout coming yet from Trump Babcock. Now, he's moving down a little bit trying to get the attention of the officials, but he's not gonna call one. Yeah. You're gonna call one. Or maybe Jeremy is. What they're looking at here. Maybe just. I think they wanted to see if that last shot by Matthews might have tipped into the hawk net and come back out. That's my guess. Could be Matthews jumped onto the ice. Now heads off. My backup is satisfied with whatever decision. They will make six on five FD that case against cadre on the draw circle to the right of. Celia? Now, they get in there. A little bit too vigorously in the linesman gonna make him. Do it again. Custos send along with tames. David camp, Duncan Keith. And Brandon Saad out there for the hawks faceoff circle. Helius right. The drop of the puck hawks get.

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