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To incite a U.S. Civil War before the 2020 presidential election. It's 5 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s years of Jack Taylor and the traffic center. Some laid delays in Virginia starting on the beltway outer loop, the ramp takes you on to 66 west. We've got a little delay approaching with the work on the bridge, left lane on the bridge will get you by. The work that was on 66 west leaving 7 Leesburg pike and it all the way out toward not least street, had just a left plane getting by, wrap up stages now, 66 west between the fairfax county Parkway in 28 Centreville. That works down also clearing, but the left lane getting by. Quiet on the greenway and the Dallas toll road, even 66 east, Gainesville toward roslin without delay, 95s off to a good start coming out of falmouth, moving through woodbridge into Springfield, north on to three 95, no troubles yet, up to the 14th street bridge. Now there is work on the interloop of the beltway, tysons, between one 23 and the Dallas toll road, you're down to two right lanes there getting by. Now you will find in Maryland, a little heavier, beltway topside outer loop, as you approach Georgia avenue, two 70 is good to go out of Frederick south toward the lane divide. Still nice and quiet between the beltways 95 and the BW Parkway. George avenue between gold mine road and market street up in brookville, traffic there had been alternating through utility work. Looking good downtown, where a little heavier, D.C. two 95 south approaching east, capital street, no worries across the freeway. I two 95 is good out of oxen cove north. We're looking good in the third street tunnel. No troubles northeastern and northwest so far, riding in battle, New York avenue. Police activity in northwest, fourth street closed between V and W also V streets blocked between fourth and second streets. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Our forecast here, let's check things out with Chad Maryland Chadwick noticing how bright and beautiful the skies were this morning with the moon and the stars. Exactly. And that's going to lead to a

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