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On I twenty and. Green Perry hit a pedestrian overnight police detective Blau gins ler says the driver pulled over in called. Nine one, one hit something, he just didn't know what it was and there's worst fear was that I'm thinking it might have been somebody, that was crossing the freeway which obviously rated r. curiosity. As to what, he police, found the man's body about a thousand feet away. They say the driver of, the car was not at fault police say they're trying to figure out why the man. Was standing or sitting on the freeway at three, thirty in the morning in the battle over the geez streets is heating up, in east Dallas, yard signs popping up all over Lakewood calling on techs doctor rethink plans for a makeover of the intersection where Gaston and grand avenues meet garland road so not. Far from the white rocks spillway but group Paul Lakewood. Citizens for responsible traffic says the proposed changes which have been approved by the city would funnel even more traffic off of garland road onto Gaston right through their neighborhood they're calling for more of a t intersection with Crosswalks and stop lights in all directions textile wants to begin work on the project sometime in twenty. Twenty one the Dallas school district is, getting money from the Bill in Melinda Gates Foundation the DISD and educate, Texas are the Lone Star recipients, of five year, grants aimed at boosting graduation rates for low income students the DISD seven point four million dollar. Grant will focus on six high schools and six middle, schools, mostly in the southern part of the district educate Texas part of the community foundation of Texas is getting five hundred thousand dollars to help boost math, scores in schools around. The area Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD little heads up for drivers.

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