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When you see a tow truck, it usually means a car were SEV's having some kind of trouble. It needs to get carded away to a mechanic. But Chicago police say someone is using a tow truck to help themselves to cars, which are being stolen on the city's north side. I to- occurred around seven in the evening of January fourth and the thirty four hundred north Monticello while the other two occurred on the thirty four and thirty five hundred bucks of Addison in the seven o'clock hour, the next morning in all such cases. The victim park. Their cars legally in a lot and return to find their cars, gone security video shows, a dark-colored tow truck, the parking lots manager confirmed that he did not order or authorize the to- Bob Roberts, NewsRadio on what five point nine at. The White House is proceeding with plans for President Trump status union address next week at the US capitol. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, says there is no reason to change the date or the location from the traditional speech. She says house speaker Nancy Pelosi already extended the necessary invitation for the president to appear before a joint session of congress. The accepted. She cited secur security concerns as a potential reason to delay. It. Those concerns were addressed by the department of homeland security the United States, we get service at this point. We're moving forward. The White House was also reportedly looking at alternative locations, but has also placed a request with the house sergeant at arms for a walk through to prepare for Tuesday's scheduled address. Jackie Quinn, Washington. New york. Congresswoman Alexandria Okaz. Ceo Cortes has gotten a prime committee assignment that will put her in the middle of investigations of the White House a seat on the house oversight and reform committee is a much sought after prize, particularly now, the Democrats are in control of the house and avowed to investigate the Trump administration, ocasio Cortez and several other freshmen Democrats will have seats on that panel chaired by Elijah Cummings. Who says he's excited about the new members to his panel? Bill Rakoff CBS news, Capitol Hill. General Motors admits it has a severe racial harassment problem, but a planet. Toledo Ohio after two federal lawsuits were filed the federal lawsuit. Say that for at least two years African Americans at the plant were called boy monkey and worse. They were told to go back to Africa where they belong. What's the big deal about nooses, a white supervisor was quoted as saying during a meeting about racial tolerance? There was never a black person. Who was lynched that didn't deserve. It. GM says win it identifies. Those. Responsible..

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