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But the to me just suppose folks understand that the sort of breakdown of what never Trump is never Trump was a movement that existed. It wasn't really even movement. It was more like a self definition in two thousand sixteen will you vote for Trump and general will you not vote for Trump in general? I did not vote for Trump in the general. So I was never Trumper. But after the election happened there's nothing to vote for anymore now the president. So the question becomes is he good or is he bad? And so I've declared myself as sometimes Trump also if you if you had a if you had had a. Crystal ball, and you to govern like this. Then you would have voted for him. Yes. Yeah. The difference. Our calculation is. I think I think that Hillary was so bad. And I think we're closer to the precipice to losing this country. I don't know about you. But I think I see Tom Nichols. I've been friendly with them on Twitter. But he advocated voting for all democrat max boot these people are unhinged. I can't understand how you could be a conservative and advocate because they think that if you do that you'll ultimately bring the conservative part of the Republican party back to its senses. I don't think we have the time. And I think we're already back to our senses. I don't I don't think we've sold our soul. I think we are in a desperate war with the left to preserve America and Trump's the guy leading the charge right now. And and he's just the one doing it. And we're supporting them for that reason. But I don't think they see the gravity of the threat, the existential nature of the threat and the immediacy the urgency of it to the extent that I I may be wrong. But I don't. That we have a lot of time lift, okay? So I want to ask you in a second about your book Jesus has risen, which as I say contrast sharply with the Jewish version of this book. Yeah. Nope. But but I do want to talk about your religious writing. We'll get to that in just a second. But first when the founders crafted the constitution, the first thing, they did was make sacred the rights of the individual to share ideas with elementary by the government the second. Right. They numerate. It was the right of the population to protect that speech and their own persons with force. You know, how strongly I believe in these principles. I'm goater. Owning a rifle is an awesome responsibility building rifles is no different Bravo company manufacturing them was started.

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