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Locked in that moment of time but there are those skirts that you wanted to that do seem to be aware of the people that are around them and that they don't you know along dared that the climate move gone and don't seems to be further fateh story why haven't they moved on rich well that's the grand question i wish i had an answer for that i mean i don't know if the missing ingredient is perhaps resolution i mean that seems to be the the best gift firm from investigators but i mean the reality of i mean it's a mystery as much to me of any one uh it it's sad it does seem that the the majority of the spirit that are intelligent and that they seem to reacting with people are not in a pleasant play they died in horrible situation in horrible circumstances and they're not happy make big probably would like to move on he was a few stories richard if you could on the haunting 's or or these ghosts in gettysburg or other areas well they're pretty famous one involving gettysburg involving uh three spy who were captured um new buyers were actually captured uh we'll looking at after the confederate army that were gathering up in gettysburg enough process they were captured and taken out to fact cupboard bridge i think even mentioned this bridge just briefly a year ago and they hung these three guys on the bridge and people the skirts hanging there they walked through the bridge and felt something brush up against them almost like the body's go hanging from the raptors they heard cries and moans of people in missouri um nikko gunshots around the bridge um this is one of these cases where for some people that she was like a residual activity you know words are just hanging from the bridge like it would have dared in on 1800s then for others they actually paid the uh one of them will be standing in the bridge.

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